Hello guys, A lot of you know me.. i started off here back in early 2009 when warrock was in its prime days.. I was so tired of hackers and wanted to get back at the community..

I then was introduced to the graphic section, this is where i really started getting active, and posting a lot, i took everything to heart because i was just starting out and didn't understand what CnC really meant, people weren't bashing my work but pointing out what was bad so i could improve, Yeah i stuck with a few things that define my style such as topaz, and i got really bad rep for that and i raged a lot because of the comments i was getting..

A little about me, Well my names Dylan, Im 22 years old i love to game and i recently started streaming what i play on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/im_seyeko

anyways i think it was time to make an introduction so people got to know me just a bit more on a personal level