Hello Members of MPGH i am a long time lurker and finally decided register.
I think this is a wonderful community for me to stay around in and hopefully get to know new people.

My Main interests are:
Rooting & Jailbreaking Phones
Jtags and Modded Ps3's
Creating PC Mod Menu's
Creating PSN and XBL Mod Tools For Call Of Duty
And Mainly Hosting Modded Lobbies

I Own a Falcon R-Jtag with 1TB of Memory
Triple Nand
LifeTime Xbox Live Stealth

I Host Call of Duty Lobbies for the Great and almighty "Super Communities"
I am Fairly Known on the Super Communities as a great Modder and i wanted to bring my services to MPGH.

I am Also Very well familiar with Website Designs,Graphic Design, And Video Editing as i am Certified by Adobe in Dream Weaver,Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Other Then that I wanted to say Hello to everyone and i am new to the community