Hey guys,

I'm a computer science/MIS major at Baylor University who registered on here so I could work on automation software for video game botting. I've always thought bot applications have been extremely useful in allowing people to save hours of their life from monotonous grinding that isn't necessary.

To me, I feel that if I can give people back time for their real life by creating bot applications then that far outweighs the cons people typically associate with using bots.

Also, I believe that if a person even feels an inclination to use a bot then that highlights there is something inherently wrong with the video game. NO one should ever feel the need to use bots because that takes the fun out of playing the game, so that fact that someone would bypass this with a bot shows that the game needs to be more challenging or random.

I know that's a lot of my thoughts to include for just my first post (especially considering that everyone else typically posts generic intro threads) but I thought I'd mix it up.

Keep it real and avoid the grinds,