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    Well, hello there;)

    I've been for for less than a month, but still, this is a wonderful forums.
    My user on most games will vary but on any private servers will be Infinity.
    Find me in RoTMG/Xbox/MC/GTA/CoD/CS:GO Sections
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    Founder and Creator of 'Realm of Fate'
    Donating for rank? Email: ; Choose the 'Send money to friends or family' option or else money won't be sent to me until after a month, it will just be pending in my balance, and I need money to pay for vps and keep the server running! Contact me via Skype (below if you haven't added me already) if you have donated!
    Donation rank costs $20, All commands and donor chat color.

    Added [6/12/2015]

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