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    Cool Twizted has arrived to MPGH..

    So where to begin? My name is ***** and I'm 28 years old. I come in peace and all that. Pretty much everything to know about me is on my profile, well everything 'you' need to know anyway lol. I keep to myself and I'm quite anti-social so don't expect long deep conversations with me unless I like you, then you may indeed achieve what one could call a conversation.. occasionally.. maybe.. ha. Also I've read some of the other intros and just to be clear, I'm not specifically here for the hacks and I can't promise I'll be around much in the future either, just poking around you know. I was looking at heroes and generals hacks on google and came across this little community.. Figured it wouldn't hurt to join even if it doesn't last ( I get bored easily, so if you're interesting I'll hang around in the shadows so to say and perhaps drop into a conversation occasionally to keep active but I know me pretty well so there's a good chance I'll move on in time).

    Anyway, Talk soon maybe.. maybe not.. I don't like to make promises that I don't intend on keeping haha.

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    Welcome to the forum nice to know you

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