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    Question Cubed2's Intro [Should totally read it]

    Hi, I'm Cubed2!

    Before I start, I'd like to say that this is false.
    Whilst reading the "New Users guide" I came across a part of it that stated - "So, you’re a new member to MPGH? Let me guess – You joined for hacks?" Like I didn't sign up for hacks at all, I signed up for just the community I guess lel... Does that mean I wont fit in? ;-; because I didn't sign up for hacks?? I guess it's kinda true, most likely the majority of people sign up for hacks..

    Where are you from?
    Well, I'm actually from Australia. (Yay another Aussie on the forums..) Yeah I know, the Aussies are taking over from the land down under. Shocking, scary and weird.. Trust me. I know.

    Throughout my times on several forums, and my experiences with joining ones, I'll answer this right now. No, I don't ride a Kangaroo to school / work. Sorry to disappoint..

    Why Cubed2?
    I chose the name of Cubed2 for one major reason (Surprisingly enough, it wasn't taken on this forums) The reasoning behind of choosing this name is -

    June,16th,2014 - This was sadly the day a very loved friend of mine passed away due to Cancer. In remembering him for my sake I've taken upon the name of Cubed2, from as little as I can remember we've been friends, kindergarten was the first time I was put with my unknowingly friend. All the way up until last year we were best of pals! As growing up with him, I knew a lot about him. The major one was Cubes, he loved Rubix cubes, from their it only grew with him, he had many Cube related things around his room/house. I use to buy him unique Cube things. So, as it grew on him, me being around him it grew a little on me. As with him passing away last June, was the day I changed my online names on most forums/games/steam Cubed2. I wish to keep remembering him and never forgetting him and honor his love of Cubed's. Where did the 2 come from? 2 was our favourite number. We always had good luck with 2, so I put it on the end of the name for good luck:$.
    TL;DR - Using it for my own sake to remember my close friend that passed away due to cancer, he liked cubes and both our favorite numbers were 2. Hence, Cubed2.

    Hobbies? Interests? Work?
    Eh, I'm not all that interesting but anyway, I'll give you a brief description of what I do in my down-time and what not.

    I do graphical designs (Great..Not another one..) Again, sorry to disappoint. I've been doin' this stuff for over 2 and a half years now, and absolutely. I've worked on some pretty big projects over the years too, with websites,logo's and what not. Happy to support those that needed it. But, sadly with me is.. I don't accept money, unless absolutely needed. I'm not a person to take, only give. I feel bad if I take your money for a thing I like doing in the down-time. It's just me and my personality I guess, help others before myself.

    I'd show you things I'm working on, but lel... I don't have permission to upload any images yet.. You'll catch me quite a bit in the Graphical side of Mpgh, giving away my .PSD's , making things for people and what not.

    Plans on the forums?
    Plans are to just chill and relax, meet new and lovely people, work my way around the forums, contributing all that I can and trying to be helpful.. with my knowledge that is. Might even try and learn some coding whilst here, if I ever have the time to. Other than all that, MPGH will just be my chill-zone, I'm not looking for hacks. Just a cool community. Thought why not just stick around here.

    What games are you into?
    As of right now, I'm into
    • Battlefield 4
    • CS:GO [MG 1]
    • Heroes of the Storm [HotS]

    Keen for the Summer sale, I'll be playing a sh!t-load more games.


    TL;DR - Hi, I'm Cubed2, I'm a Graphical designer, play a few games and pretty chill. I didn't join for hacks, just the community :]

    I look forward to meeting everyone, making some enemies some how, contribute within the graphical area, maybe become a donator and cry because I have no pizza.
    Sorry for any spelling mistakes, a little tired and typed it up quite quickly..

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