I am not new here, lol, I am Defqonz2015 and I would like my name changed to Tr1balz0 on my other account? if not then I could just use this account but anyways I am here and welcoming everyone to MPGH a good place for forums and cheats.

+Contact Information+
Skype: tr1bal.w32
UIN: 675741434
MSN: Upon request.
Facebook: Yes I Do, upon request.
Safemail: Upon request.

I am 23 years old and an intermediate DJ but not a producer yet, I use Mixmeister Fusion on my standard cheap ass
Windows 7 SP1 32bit with not that great CPU/GPU but I plan on getting a better PC for gaming and just better RAM/TB,
so now lets gets to the point here; I am a Cracker/Carder/Warez/Phreaker/Novice Hacker/Con Artist:Thievery/Criminology/Canadian Law/Anti-Government/Anonymous Supporter/Car Thief/Break & Enter Artist/Electronics Expert/Carpentry/Computers/Networking/Email/MS Office & more skills in the technology category. If you need any Credit Card Information, SSN, DOB, Addresses, Drivers License Numbers, Full Name and plenty more
than let me know and I can release them either for free or a very cheap rate "$10.00" in Paysafe or Bitcoin.

PS. I will not sell anything to anyone here at MPGH; I am just explaining my business.