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    Hello MPGH

    Hey guys I have been on this site for around 3 years through many different alias (New Fag amirite) and I have been on the internet since 06' but I never really introduced myself to everyone and I felt it is the time to do so considering I have became more active as of late first off my name is Steven but my friends call me Joshua (IDFK why someone attempted to DOX me when I was 11 and my friend say it as a joke lmao) I mainly came to this site because of the counterstrike series and the team fortress series but I branched off of that and some how made it into general and sections that are not related at all lmao I like learning new things about people like their favorite color/game/show/movie ect. and I honestly don't have much to bring to this site besides a positive attitude lmao and I know my punctuation is complete cancer thats along with my english but english wasn't my first language and I am too lazy to add punctuation so plsnohate

    Also here is my derpy cat I just wanted you to see her

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