*I didnt upload this.
1. Download from here:
Cinema 4D R12 Full - With Plugin Bundle

This is a very good and trusted site, no viruses and shit.

2. This is a torrent so you will need a BitTorrent client like uTorrent.

3. Once thats all finished extract it and open the Cinema 4D r12 folder. (fuck the plugins)

4. Open the keygen, and you should have a tiny box open. Type any 5 digits in the "5 digit counter" section, and click generate, it will be automatically copied to clipboard.

5. Open the actual C4D client and it should ask you for info like name, company, cock size, just put anything in it like "sadjasdad" . And also paste in the serial number you got .

@Doc i feel like im missing something in this, tell me what it is so i can get it approved.