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    check these intro mods tell me if u like them

    ok 1st you extract the .bik video ware ever you want (most liley desktop) then you go to you combat arms directory then to game and then movies (C:\Nexon\Combat Arms\Game\MOVIES) then back up and then erase nelogo.bik and calogo.bik then drag calogo.bik(the file you downloaded) into (C:\Nexon\Combat Arms\Game\MOVIES) now start combat arms and enjoy the new intro!! thank me and i will make more for you guys also subscribe to bloddyapache on youtube .... and support me bloddyapache for publicist!!
    virus scan: Virustotal. MD5: a1733e59247d1fcc8f82571bdb22d1cf
    NEXON SUCKS!!! intro MD5:a1733e59247d1fcc8f82571bdb22d1cf - Scanners did not find malware!
    i cant get the the file to upload right i keep getting an error idk if its my computer or if its the file if theres something wrong with the file can you tell me plz
    i made it in a gif because i didnt want to wait 1 hour to upload a video

    credits:bloddyapache, and xion7200.
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