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MPGH Servers are outside US Federal law reach, and the ToS, renders them empty handed, if they try to use any evidence from the site in a court of law, in other words, they have nothing, and their best hope is to scare someone into submission. They tried before, several DMCA letters, they threathen a bunch of times, and nothing came off it. Altering your own personal memory is not against the law, altering public memory is also not against the law (wikipedia) so Nexon can only go off by the use of their name, but even then Combat and Arms, are perfectly normal words, use all the time. In short, they can try, and pretend, and say they have a million things on their way, but in reality, they know, and we know, they have nothing.

Almost all hacking sites have something in there ToS about taking evidence off there site to do legal harm to them.