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    Question Ghost Aim Hack Is Back?

    I was just randomly searching the Internet and found a video. But sorry to say i think it's actually back now... so i seen at two times this person has shot someone with a pistol (getting a headshot) and the crosshair wasn't even on this guy. Then within the same video clip the guy seriously turns his whole gun to the left side of his screen and shoots his gun and kills the guy on the right side screen with a pistol (headshot) I'm like W T F kinda editing is this? because who ever this person is was trying to make some cool little editing... But it was to obvious he was using cheats.

    So now I'm looking at his recent video now as we speak and this is what i see he's on a map and seriously uses a sniper and kills one people that's not even near him at all i mean seriously he has a beat in the video trying to edit the video making it way to obvious though it's really annoying because he couldn't even hide the fact he's cheating. Then he switches to use a pistol against someone YET again not even near him but he's totally aiming like down to someone that's not there and gets another headshot LOL! WHAT?! so then he goes to another map and uses a sniper to kill 2 people ONE SHOT, DOUBLE KILL third shot he just no scoped NO ONE and gets a kill i mean seriously there's no one even in his direction!

    Next he's in grave digger does a 360 NO SCOPE and automatically gets another yet ANOTHER headshot! then he goes back to the same spot and shoots at BOX! yes a FREAKING BOX and the character is on the right side of the screen and gets a headshot the crosshair is seriously so off it makes no sense this guy thinks that editing his video would hide those hacks...

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    no, probably just luck

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