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    Big Packets Framework - Combat Arms Port

    im working on porting my framework to CA, this means that when im done ill release it for free on here. Ill probably need somebody to post updated classes if the latest ones dont work.

    heres what it will look like:

    YES it does remind you of GA, it is based on drunken cheetah's designs since they are so good.

    gui testing:

    framework in development since 2015, so you know it will be good.
    so far it will be probably the best public hack released on here.

    contains extremely rare useful features like "ESP Stacking", which is a really useful feature, which only Drunken Cheetah has.

    Here is the full variable list for my framework (unlike everybody else, this is the same in EVERY game i will port)
    (there will be features more for the game only, once im done)
    These are the features that are default.
    Features that are game dependent will be in their own release thread.

    The colors and design are not mine, they are Drunken Cheetahs from GA

    r_globalconfig - Use Global section of config
    fn_load - Load
    fn_save - Save
    fn_reset - Reset
    fn_previoustrack - lolololol
    fn_playtrack - lolololol
    fn_pausetrack - lolololol
    fn_stoptrack - lolololol
    fn_nextrack - lolololol
    fn_volup - lolololol
    fn_voldown - lolololol
    r_volume - Foobar volume slider, Not working yet
    c_esp_plr - Tags color
    c_esp_plrf - Tags color
    c_esp_npc - Tags color
    c_esp_npcf - Tags color
    c_esp_prj - Tags color
    c_esp_prjf - Tags color
    c_esp_pku - Tags color
    r_walkbot_presetname - Name of walkbot preset, so you can save and load it anytime
    r_aim - Aim assistance
    r_aim_hitbox - Bone to target
    r_aim_smooth - Smooth view changes
    r_aim_smooth_dc - Cheetah Effect
    r_aim_smooth_amount - Smooth view changes
    r_aim_visibleonly - Only aim at targets that are visible
    r_aim_autoaim - Automatically aims for you so you don't need to hold down the aimbot key
    r_aim_autofire - Auto shoot when locked
    r_aim_correction - Correct bullet drop, recoil, spread
    r_aim_selection - Target selection
    r_aim_phealth - Prioritize Health
    r_aim_randomize - Add extra to angles
    r_aim_randomization - Add extra to angles
    r_aim_key - Aimbot
    r_aim_plr - Filter
    r_aim_plrf - Filter
    r_aim_npc - Filter
    r_aim_npcf - Filter
    r_aim_walkbot - Moves for you using the points
    fn_walkbot_save - Save points to file
    fn_walkbot_savepoint - Add point
    fn_walkbot_reset - Deletes all path points so you can make a new preset
    fn_walkbot_load - Load from file
    fn_walkbot_presetname - Preset name to save and load to
    r_aim_fov - Maximum FOV
    r_aim_maxdist - Maximum Dist
    r_aim_hitscan - Scans all hitbox for visibility
    r_aim_offafterkill - Turns off after you kill someone so it will not aim next person until you want to
    r_aim_targetlock - Only target the currently targeted player so that it will not aim at nearby player
    r_aim_autofire_delay - Delay per shoots
    r_aim_autotrigger - Shoot if actor in crosshair
    fn_exitgame - Exits program
    r_key_master - Master
    r_key_menu - Menu
    c_ms_text - Text
    c_ms_background - BG
    c_ms_border - Border
    c_ms_highlight - Highlight
    c_ms_titlebar - Titlebar
    c_ms_tabbackground - Tab BG
    c_ms_frame - Frame
    c_ms_gradienttop - G Top
    c_ms_gradientbottom - G Bottom
    c_ms_fill - Fill
    c_ms_ges_notice - E Notice
    c_ms_ges_warning - E Warning
    c_ms_ges_error - E Error
    c_ms_tiptext - Tip Text
    c_ms_tipbackground - Tip BG
    c_ms_tipborder - Tip Border
    c_ms_mouseborder - Mouse Border
    c_ms_mousebackground - Mouse BG
    fn_delmsgbox_id - Id of msg box
    fn_delmsgbox - Deletes msg box
    r_console_input - Input to console
    r_console - Draws console
    c_hp3 - HP color if under 20
    c_hp2 - HP color if more than 50
    c_hp1 - HP color if more than 75
    c_hp0 - HP color if more than 100
    c_hp_bg - Healthbar background
    c_skeleton - Bones
    c_esp_aimtarget - Circle
    c_esp_plr_front - Visible
    c_esp_plrf_front - Visible
    c_esp_plr_back - Invisible
    c_esp_plrf_back - Invisible
    c_esp_npc_front - Visible
    c_esp_npcf_front - Visible
    c_esp_npc_back - Invisible
    c_esp_npcf_back - Invisible
    c_esp_prj_front - Visible
    c_esp_prjf_front - Visible
    c_esp_prj_back - Invisible
    c_esp_prjf_back - Invisible
    c_esp_pku_front - Visible
    c_esp_pku_back - Invisible
    r_esp - Draw helpful information over players
    r_esp_drawfov - Draws FOV circle, might not be accurate
    r_esp_pathpoints - Draws the points from walkbot
    r_esp_outline - Adds outline to text and healthbars, more FPS loss
    r_esp_stacked - No overlap between players
    r_esp_stacked_line - Draw from head to nametags to indicate stacking
    r_esp_shadow - Draw box over text and h-hbar
    r_esp_vbar - [|] healthbar instead of [---]
    r_esp_vbard - Drain instead of fill vertical healthbar
    r_esp_aimline - If Lines are off a line pointing to players view will be drawn
    r_esp_3db - Use 3D box instead of 2D
    r_esp_3db_rotate - Rotate 3D box by their angles
    r_esp_alpha - Lower alpha if actor is not visible
    r_esp_aimspot - Draw aim spot
    r_esp_plr - Enable drawing
    r_esp_plrf - Enable drawing
    r_esp_plr_nametags - Draw nametags
    r_esp_plrf_nametags - Draw nametags
    r_esp_plr_health - Draw health bar
    r_esp_plrf_health - Draw health bar
    r_esp_plr_skeleton - Draw skeleton
    r_esp_plrf_skeleton - Draw skeleton
    r_esp_plr_bonemark - Draw bone marks
    r_esp_plrf_bonemark - Draw bone marks
    r_esp_plr_box - Draw box
    r_esp_plrf_box - Draw box
    r_esp_plr_lines - Draw lines
    r_esp_plrf_lines - Draw lines
    r_esp_plr_fglb - Use global esp settings
    r_esp_npc - Enable drawing
    r_esp_npcf - Enable drawing
    r_esp_npc_box - Draw box
    r_esp_npcf_box - Draw box
    r_esp_npc_nametags - Draw nametags
    r_esp_npcf_nametags - Draw nametags
    r_esp_npc_skeleton - Draw skeleton
    r_esp_npcf_skeleton - Draw skeleton
    r_esp_npc_bonemark - Draw bone marks
    r_esp_npcf_bonemark - Draw bone marks
    r_esp_npc_fglb - Use global esp settings
    r_esp_prj - Enable drawing
    r_esp_prjf - Enable drawing
    r_esp_prj_nametags - Draw nametags
    r_esp_prjf_nametags - Draw nametags
    r_esp_prj_box - Draw box
    r_esp_prjf_box - Draw box
    r_esp_prj_fglb - Use global esp settings
    r_esp_pku - Enable drawing
    r_esp_pku_nametags - Draw nametags
    r_esp_pku_box - Draw box
    r_esp_pku_fglb - Use global esp settings
    r_esp_glb - Enable drawing
    r_esp_glbf - Enable drawing
    r_esp_glb_nametags - Draw nametags
    r_esp_glbf_nametags - Draw nametags
    r_esp_glb_health - Draw health bar
    r_esp_glbf_health - Draw health bar
    r_esp_glb_skeleton - Draw skeleton
    r_esp_glbf_skeleton - Draw skeleton
    r_esp_glb_bonemark - Draw bone marks
    r_esp_glbf_bonemark - Draw bone marks
    r_esp_glb_box - Draw box
    r_esp_glbf_box - Draw box
    r_esp_glb_lines - Draw lines
    r_esp_glbf_lines - Draw lines
    r_radar - Minimap
    r_radar_autocenter - Position to middle of screen
    r_radar_clamppoint - Points stay inside the window
    r_radar_range - Range of radar
    r_radar_size - Size of radar (r in circ, pix in sqr)
    r_radar_sqr - Use oldschool square radar
    r_radar_uef - Use ESP filter to filter out entities
    c_xhair - Color
    r_crosshair - Draw Xhair
    r_crosshair_spacer - Spacer
    r_crosshair_width - Width
    r_clock - Draw clock
    r_clock_autocenter - Clock will auto center
    r_debugactor - Draw debug window
    r_debugactor_id - The actor you want to debug
    r_debugactor_info - Draw informatin
    r_debugactor_qshit - New
    r_debugactor_qfriend - New
    r_debugactor_qpriority - New
    fn_applydebugvars - Apply new vars
    r_tooltips - Show tooltips when hovering
    r_localinfo - Window for your health
    r_warningbox - Window for enemies who are aiming at you



    local hp bar



    framework menu

    ("Current Game" will contain stuff like superbullets, flyhack, whatever CA has)

    actor selection

    warning box

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    gg bro you are perfectt

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