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    Quote Originally Posted by darthmala View Post
    If this is relevant: the client you provided are not up to date. However, the same process can be applied if you install the recent version (I used the 64-bit version).

    I got on into a few games with this installed, and I didn't really notice any differences [well now was a bad time to test, since there are some lag issue caused by the patch]. The only main thing in-game I've noted was that when another character touches mine, my screen no longer pauses [so I guess this wasn't a frame rate issue for me now lols].

    The UI of the program itself is an okay, I would think a lot of people not familiar with computers will have some difficulties with all the functions that you can do with the program. The only thing I couldn't do was disable that little pop-up window that shows the graph of processes I think.

    Overall, this program did show slight improvement in game play.
    I chose to upload the older version, because the new one isn't properly bypassed yet.

    You should try downloading something in the background with and without the traffic shaping. You can tell the difference :P

    To temporarily disable the window: double click the window
    To permanently disable it: Right click: window settings: NIC: disable Auto Open/ Auto Hide

    Edit: Also, make sure you add Engine.exe to the program list, or else it only gets "Normal" priority.
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