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I didn't mean that, I meant as in you called them a noob=Judging. You can't stop people for coming for hacks, its a great way of making money, watermark is good because creators get credit, leeching is not right, that you can't change, so don't try.
but i never said to STOP people from coming for hacks, i just said to put some limitations
it's not hard to click a Thanks button and Rate 5 stars is it?
The activity and post thingy i recommended was a bit too much, but whatever I guess.
This isn't stopping them from coming, it just makes them do something besides freeloading only
coming and leaving before and after a patch on CA.

Watermarks + Credits for the creator and MPGH would be awesome
but i believe some creators wouldn't put MPGH because they upload their hacks to more than this site right, am i correct?
but anyways, the posting + activity thing wasn't necessary
because this IS a hacking website, it's what it's for

I understand that people come here for hacks
but when people give to you(The Pub hacks)
it's good to give back (Thanks, 5 Stars, etc

Then hopefully, then end up using the VIP's