Here lately, people have been coming out with injectors (or at least making the effort) to come out with injectors that withstand the 64 bit system. Honestly, I thank all who care for the 64 bit user. I myself are one and the only injector I could use it PerX which still has some bugs in it....(it still works though and thats all that matters ). So I thank you (topblast,Samueldo ,and anyone else who cares to make one. I am not quite that good of a coder yet and I only do VB coding so it gets kinda hard. Heck, the little things I made were hard (to me) but they were coming out fast just because I liked it and I was kinda starting to get the hang of it. So thank you guys and I hope you guys continue to make these wonderful injectors. So for all you 64 bit users, be sure to thank them. I did.