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    Hak Definitions

    Here are some hack definitions for newbies

    Adjustable Nade Sphere- Show a sphere around explosives, adjust the size yourself
    Aimbot- Automatically aims at enemies for you.
    Aim FOV- Set the field of view of the aimbot
    Aim Key- Set the aimbot to only activate by a key
    Aim Speed- Adjust the speed at which you aim
    Anti-Kick- Prevent's the user from being kicked from a game
    Unlimited Respawn- Lets you Respawn in game modes such as Elimination Pro.

    Bone Scan- Allows the aimbot to scan an enemy for a visible body part
    Boxes- Draws a Box around the player and can be seen thru walls.
    Bullet Tracers- When someone shoots/knifes/throws something, a line will be "trace" the object.

    Chams- Player changes color when visible or behind a wall
    Closest by distance- Aims at whoever is closest to you
    Closest to crosshair- Aims whoever is closest to where you're aiming
    Crosshair- Draws a Crosshair at the center of your screen.

    Distance ESP- Show player distance

    FireTeam Teleport- Teleports you to the FireTeam bomb place.
    Friends List- your aimbot won't target the people on your Friends' List
    Force Hit- Regardless of where you shoot, this is where you will hit!
    Full Bright- Makes the map brighter.

    Infinite Stamina- Freezes your stamina so you can sprint forever.
    Ingame Menu- Hack menu
    Instant Respawn- Removes the 3 second Respawn wait.

    Ghost Mode- Leaves your body behind, and you become a "ghost" that people cant see.
    GhostAim- Aimbot without aiming
    Glitch Key/Glitcher- Lets you go through objects.

    Highest threat- Aims at whoever is the most likely to kill YOU.
    Hostile Kick- Kick anyone even with anti kick, but they have to have been vetoed in a kick beforehand.

    Knife Usage: Rockets, RPG, AirStrike, Mines, Grenades, Flashbangs, HE grenades, Flamethrowers, AirStrike

    LifeGiver- Using knife you get your HP restored
    LifeTaker- Brings opponent's hp to 000 without killing them

    Name Tags- Draws your enemy’s name tags so you can locate the enemy.
    No Clip- Walk thru walls
    No Fall- When you walk off a high place, you dont "fall" down, you will be "walking on the air" or you dont take damage.
    No Fog- Removes Fog so you can see farther.
    No Gravity- Gravity is reduced.
    No Recoil- Removes the recoil of your gun.
    No Reload- Reloads instantly.
    No Spread- Removes the "spread" of the bullets, so that the bullet will go where you aimed it.
    No Sway- Removes any swaying from the gun.
    No Bounds- Cross into the outer bounds of the map without fear of death.
    No Flash- Disables the flashing effect of a Flash Grenade. Other effects still may apply.
    No Smoke- See through smoke as if it isn't there. Smoke grenades have no effect.

    Pickup Hack- Picks up weapons from a distance.
    Prediction Hack- Lags the other to for easier targets.

    Off After Kill- Determines whether the aimbot will turn off automatically after someone is killed, or if it'll flick to the next person.
    OPK- Packs enemies in one place, but only you can see them.
    OSK- One Shot Kill.

    Radar- Draws a 2D Radar on your screen.
    RapidFire- Increases Weapon's attacking speed.

    Satellite Chams- Like the Specialist Satellite Scanner .
    Server Crash- Crashes Game Server.
    Smooth Aim- Look legit, almost like nto even having aimbot.
    Speed Hack- Increases your Movement speed.
    Shit List- your aimbot will automatically target anyone on your Shit List.
    Show FPS- Your Frames Per Second will be show.
    Show Time- Displays the current time on screen.
    Super Bullets- Bullets can go thru walls.
    Super Knife- Knife can "go thru walls".
    Super Jump- Increases the height of your jump.
    Super Low Gravity- Decreases gravity so that you can jump higher and float around for a longer period of time.

    Telekill- Teleports you to an enemy, they can not see you.
    TriggerBot- Shoots when your crosshair is over an enemy.

    Ultimate SuperBullets- Kills entire enemy team 1 with one bullet.
    Unlimited Ammo- This gives you infinite ammunition. With Zero Delay, and No Reload, this becomes your best friend. This is semi-patched it works for mines, nades, and others that are not bullets.(Credits = sakone54 for an update!)
    Unlimited Stamina- Perform as many stamina related feats without having to wait for your stamina to be refilled.

    Virtual Down- Allows you to virtual float below the map.
    Virtual Up- Allows you to virtual float above the map.
    Visible- Aims at the MOST damaging visible body part. (usually head or upper torso.)
    Visible Chams- Changes colors when a player is visible.

    Wallhack- Players can be seen through walls.
    Warning- Shows you who is aiming at you and how close they are to your body.
    Windowed Mode- Makes Combat Arms into a Window for easy access too other programs and items.
    WireFrame- Draws "wires" on players.
    Weapon Shop- Piles all weapons on the map in front of you in a neat stack, from which you can choose. (Credits = sakone54)

    XHair- Your aimbot will target the enemy closest to your crosshair
    Zero Delay- Fire bullets consecutively, with no waiting time after firing a shot. This can unload an entire clip in a second.

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