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    Post Attentionm soldiers!!

    Attention Soldiers!

    On 10/20, you'll fight for your life in Black Lung, the newest addition to Fireteam in Combat Arms. Central Command is providing new weapons, gear, and a feature to help you pad your salary, but you'll need the support of your fellow soldiers to make it out of this battle in one piece. Good luck, brave soldiers of Combat Arms...we hope you survive.

    New Fireteam: Black Lung

    Due to the failure of Operation: Overdose, the virus has not been destroyed and continues to spread. Because of this, a large scale incineration operation was deployed to the affected town, and most assumed the virus had disappeared. However, scouts were sent to investigate the area, and they discovered an old abandoned mine. They realized that the virus had continued to spread in the surrounding area, ironically infecting people who had hidden below the ground in an attempt to escape the Infected. Now, an elite bomb squad has been dispatched to destroy all of the surviving Infected in the mine shaft, and to seal off the area.

    Plus, an all new EXPLOSIVE Fireteam Reward!

    New NX Items:

    Dom Pedro Sword

    *Limited Time Offer* - Buy any duration of the Dom Pedro Sword between now and Friday at 11:59 pm PDT, and have the chance to be one of 10 lucky people to receive it for a PERMANENT duration!

    Patriot Skull Mask (CAN)

    New GP Items:


    Metal Anti-Flash Goggles

    Limited Time Offered NX Items:

    MK.48 MOD 0 CAMO 3,400 NX / 7 Days

    RPK-74M 3,400 NX / 7 Days

    M60E4 STEEL 3,400 NX / 7 Days

    Sale NX Items:

    M134 Minigun 3,300 NX / 7 Days (~15% off!)

    Flamethrower 2,900 NX / 7 Days (~15% off!)

    Respawn Tokens

    290 NX / 1 Token (~15% off!)
    1,790 NX / 7 Tokens (~15% off!)
    3,190 NX / 15 Tokens (~15% off!)

    New Event Feature: Sell back your rare NX Weapons for GP!

    Have you gotten a weapon from the Supply Crate MYST-N that just didn't tickle your fancy? Well don't let it go to waste! For the month of November, sell your NX Rare weapons back to us for GP! Click here to read more!

    Updated NX Credit Policy:

    In this update, we are tightening our PayPal restrictions to allow users with a rank of Master Sergeant I and higher to purchase Black HiSec Keys, Supply Cases, Mercenaries, and the Weapon Renewal Kit, and Respawn Tokens with NX Credit. We will continue to monitor NX Credit purchases carefully for fraud, and reserve the right to adjust the policy at any time.

    Other Game Changes and Updates:

    Bug Fixes:

    • Corrected issue where Infected in Fireteam would incorrectly get headshots
    • Corrected issue where Seize and Secure games would end abnormally too frequently
    • M-200 Series of SRs will now properly display the scope HUD when zoomed.
    • Launcher Weapons no longer display Full-Auto as a firing mode
    • The Heartbeat SoundFX for low HP no longer plays when respawning
    • When equipped with claymore, “Claymore Controller” no longer appears in backpack
    • Fixed bug which could allow players to accidentally change Key Assignment for Controls

    Other Changes:

    • Headshot Accolade now contains 100% more pumpkin
    • CTF Rewards have undergone balancing changes
    • The Firing Mode indicator is now easier to read
    • Hack protection has been improved

    Weapon Changes:

    • None

    Update FAQ:

    • The website still says "under maintenance", but the maintenance end time has passed!

    You may have to clear your browser cache. A quick way to do this is by pressing CTRL-F5 (press both keys at the same time) while on the website.

    • I am receiving a "Hackshield Error Code". What do I do?

    Please restart your computer and make sure that your firewall and / or antivirus program is set to allow Combat Arms.

    • I am unable to start Combat Arms / I'm getting no response when I try to open the game!

    Please make sure your firewall and / or antivirus program is set to allow Combat Arms. If Combat Arms still does not run, please restart your computer.

    • My Combat Arms automatic update is failing to complete. Now what?

    Please restart your computer.

    If you are still having any issues, let us know on the technical support forums

    --Combat Arms Command--
    Thanks me if i help you :P

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    they extended the mant 1 more hour .....

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