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    Quote Originally Posted by punisher0803 View Post
    Lol I would probably call you a hacker I mean ive only got like 4 lucky unbeliavable and 4++++ is just insane. Did you fraps becasuse I would love to see it. You must be a God

    also to mouzie no offense but please make a more sensible title other than bleh so ppl know what you are talking about
    I was baseraping once.
    I was camping on the roof in waverider.
    I kill them easily.
    It's easier with 5 weapons including pistol.
    Wear the clan backpack.
    UMP45 + M4 Super 90 + L85A1 + DSR-1 Subsonic. All extended mag II. Pretty cheap as well.
    I started off using the DSR-1 as I was coming to their base.
    Got a multi.
    Then I got closer and tap fired with L85A1.
    Then rush down the ladder with UMP45.
    Then Benelli Super 90 and yeah.
    You get the idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by SmartAlley View Post

    If I use Sniper with Aimbot, there's no way someone can win against me playing legit, no opportunity at all...
    Lol that's quite easy in Papa server.
    But in other servers it's still easy.
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