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    Combat Arms Game Status

    Current status of CA, edited by staff whenever a change occurs.

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    CA is in Maintenance as of 4/26 at 10:00 PM PDT
    Click here to see PDT Time zone:

    Modding: CA in Maintenance
    Hacking: CA in Maintenance
    Glitching: n/a

    (Link to CA Main Website or note, starting from 4/21/11, most recent being on top)

    Server Check
    Credits: @Angels Die

    Bug Fixes

    • Going to the Modification Screen no longer crashes the client.

    • · Functional items no longer disappear from storage after server change or restart.
    • · Respawning players at Desert Fox checkpoints no longer are shown running in place.

    • · Matches played on servers with Rec Rules enabled are now properly recorded in their stats. NOTE: FireTeam matches played on the Rec Rules server will not be counted in your Player Profile Page

    • · The Anaconda Gold now uses the correct model in-game.

    • · Character preview model removed from UI if kicked from a room while in the Shop, Storage or Clan screens.

    • · The M16A3 Veteran, Elite and Champion now properly show their ACOG scopes in the Character Preview window.

    • · Custom Reticles 3 and 4 now properly turn red when successfully damaging an enemy.

    • · For in-game chat messages of maximum size, the last character is no longer cut off.

    • · The Modification Status of the USP Tactical and USP Tactical SE is now correct in the Inventory and Shop.

    • · The M4 Super 90’s reloading audio has been corrected.

    • · The Game Starting countdown now properly appears to players after Web Launching.

    Balance Changes

    • · Pathing for Desert Fox terrorists has been improved.

    • · Sprinting no longer resets held grenades.

    Game Improvements

    • · The M-200 Ghillie’s Third-Person gunshot volume has been reduced.

    • · The XK-8 Tactical’s Third-Person gunshot volume has been reduced.

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