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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan View Post
    youre a fucking moron. sony being bigger than nexon, was unable to stop their servers from getting hacked. what the fuck makes you think nexon will be able to? even if nexon made all their files server sided, people would be able to crack them. its not hard. its illegal which is why people dont do it, but its possible. you think you know shit but you dont. youre a fucking useless piece of shit. suck a cock or something. maybe you will be good at that.

    Maybe you should do some research, Sony's losses was huge because they didn't act fast enough or even warned their users about the breach. In fact, they tried to covered it up and it damaged their assets even more. Learn about the issue of Sony before trying to attack someone on the internet.

    Second of all, you're wrong, I have yet to see people redo God Mode or the other hacks, server sided means that you can't even touch it and even if you do, the company will be on you, and you'll be caught for sure, not only will you be caught, but Nexon will go to the length to punish you by law.

    Third, you'll need access to the system.

    A. Nobodies but the Nexon team knows how to get to the access.
    B. Nobodies are able to figure out how to gain the access if it is a code or a command line.
    C. It's run by the game servers, not the client .exe or codes.

    Quote Originally Posted by ltid8 View Post
    lol a leg to stand on??? his point was that they are number 1 and they DONT have a leg to stand on, ur a div if u cant see that he owned you there!

    sony failed, nexon failed, sony aint online STIL he proved that some little nerd hacked thru security thats meant to be the name of every electronical piece of equipment in the normal home from toaster to pc shaver to cd and consoles,

    after all these years ud think they would know every trick in the book.... and then bang

    ''any thing is possible''

    tell the cave men that in a million years there going to be able to surf the net

    out of trees and stones we evolved and did the impossible,

    who says that a bit of plastic with metal solder allover would enable us all to talk to idiots like you is unbeliveable, your nieve to tecnology born with it...its allways been here,

    well it hasnt new things are done all the time, if you got a brain, not sayin i do cause fuck me i dont, but even i can see that sabouter owned your ass off the forums, denail comes to mind, scared that your big head has just been deflated? fustrated? hate him somuch u can bare to see he won .

    this was fun to read thru

    i use paintshop pro steam, windows linux(free anyway) and loads of other progams and games, ive never ever payed for them, cause someone has already cracked them!

    also if ya need a windows key, make an apointment at the job center and whiel there printing stuff for ya, type the cdkey on there pc box on that table there into your phone sorted
    Sony IS online, the servers is back up, you don't know crap if it came out of yer ass.

    Second, there is a firm line of HACKING and downloading torrents that is already cracked. You're not doing anything and making a point about downloading a program and using a simple crack or keygen to use it is stupid and makes your post unneeded.

    I can crack programs and I download torrents all the times, it doesn't take skills to do that. The rest is just.. nothing that had to do with the subject you're arguring about.. I assume you was dropped or shook.
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    VIP hacks work like any other hacks on being patched, but it is harder for a company to detect them because they aren't publicly available.

    MPGH does not currently support Combat Arms VIP, although we DO support CrossFire VIP, which is very fun to use.

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