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Yet still the performance/price of the 5k cards is greater of the 6k.
6k is too new...

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You're seriously going to recommend getting an Ati 3k or Nvidia 200 card? Jesus man, stop trolling.
3870x2 is pretty damn good still O.o But no, 3k is WAYYY too old. I just don't really like the 5k and 6k... I haven't really looked into them. D:

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With the 400 series having refreshed the 9000 chip, there's no real point in getting the 9000 series any more. Unless you're hoping to get a good low-end card there's also no real reason to look at the 200 series any more, leaving the 400/500 series as the most appropriate contenders for a new gfx card. And it's the same story as the Ati 5k vs AMD 6k thing.
IDK, I always found the 9k to be more lovely... I mean 9000>400 :P (Number wise obv)

I'm not really up to date on nvidia gfx cards... Wasn't considering them for my new computer so didn't even bother updating myself.

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Imo the best card for this guy is the 5670 or something, a tad bit better than the average entry-level gaming card and it features some of the goodies of newer cards (notably dx11, something that's begging to appear far more often).
What scares me is that the 5670 requires 400W PSU. With a 250... IDK how well that's going to go. I guess underclocking GPU/CPU? O.o