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HOLY SHIT, bro it happens to everyone, i was banned at 99.96% once and had to wait a month to get back on to lvl up, i didnt quit, your just over reacting, honestly if your getting rage kicked so much find a group of people you trust, join the elites side establish trust and friend ship, then add him to a section called elites on your friends list
and there you go

have you ever joined a room and the elite said i dont like your name and kicked you the second you joined, i bet you havent, have you ever been kicked out of every game in a channel, i bet not, have you ever joined a GM operated room and got rage kicked for joining the game
I never got banned . Gave the account to my gf, she plays on it now. Over reacting? I was stuck at 15/16% for 2 weeks buddy. I CAN'T go into elite mod rooms because they still think i hack EVEN when i'm on their team... They don't listen. Screw that.

Lemme answer those questions... Yes. Yes. and I've been in 3 GM events, got kicked in 2. (But that was because i was spawn raping their team and the GM :3)

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you guys say all these ppl hack but they dont jeez you guys just dont trust anyone and no one believes in skill anymore ppl need to know what to look for not just assume that because someone killed you they are a hacker fucking nubs, its not 50%closet hackers, and theres no such thing as a closet hacker, if you hack and havent been cought your still a hacker your just not retardedly obvious
1. Stellar Is very good at detecting hacks, watch his bust videos. Hes right 99.99% of the time.

2. Yes because getting 50 headshots in a row with a knife from across the map is soo legit..

3. You seem like one of the people who think they're pro when they use a G36E , Dsr Tactical, Spec, and USP Hackitcal...