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    Combat Arms Operation: Flashback

    Ah, the holiday season in Combat Arms! The red of exploding grenades, the green leaking from Infected and a retrospective on a year filled with high-powered weaponry – including the return of the L96A1 Holiday Wolf.

    December’s Combat Arms update is all about getting in the spirit with the exciting “Best of 2011” weapons sale, a new GP weapon, and new and improved versions of Operation: Neptune and Piazza to try them out in. Bubba Ares has been busy preparing for the holidays as well, offering the Yuletide Persuader along with new upgradeable and customizable guns. Finally, the new Supply Crate MYST-Juliet has been released and it’s got many of these exciting new weapons inside.

    See what’s happening:

    Updated Maps

    Operation: Neptune: We’ve listened to your feedback and updated the map to improve basic gameplay, add new modes, and make it considerably deadlier.

    Balcony Railings (including bullet-proof signs) have been removed. Watch your step!
    The entire first floor and side path have been removed.
    A second catwalk has been added and both catwalks now have additional cover.
    New game modes have been added - One Man Army, Spy Hunt, and Quarantine Regen.

    Piazza: Updated with several new game modes - Elimination, Elimination Pro , Capture the Flag, Spy Hunt and Last Man Standing.

    Best of 2011

    It’s been quite a year for deadly toys! We’re bringing back the best gear of 2011 at unbelievable discounts.

    Check out what’s available in the Best of 2011 Sale.

    Holiday Weapon

    L96A1 Holiday Wolf

    This upgraded version of the L96A1 Arctic Wolf has returned for a limited time only. Show off some holiday cheer with the more precise fire and an even more powerful bang, perfect for spreading the joy of the season. Permanent Duration available for the first time ever!

    New Supply Crate


    The MYST-Juliet has just been authorized for release! This case is full of permanent and NX-rare weapons, including a brand new Epic - Raven’s G36C.

    For more details about the MYST-Juliet, take a look inside.

    New GP weapon

    Howa Type 89

    A 5.56mm assault rifle used by the Japanese military, the Howa Type 89 was nicknamed "Buddy" by the J.G.S.D.F. service. The rifle is much lighter than its bulky cousin, the Type 64, and features a highly simplified internal design that makes it far more cost-effective.

    Available at 2nd Lieutenant IV.

    Bubba Ares’ Gun Emporium

    A chunky man with a beard is delivering all sorts of holiday goodies. It’s Bubba Ares with a sack full of deadly weaponry for you!

    New Forged Weapon

    The Yuletide Persuader: You'll never get a pair of socks under the tree again. The Yuletide Persuader will bring out everyone’s holiday spirit – by making plenty of holes in their body for it to leak through.

    • G36E (Note: The G36E LE cannot be used to Forge)
    • 20 FH – Replica Pallets

    New Upgradable Weapons


    MP5 MOD

    Note: there is a separate Upgrade Job for the players with the MP5 MOD LE.

    New Customizable Weapons

    M1911 MEU
    SG550 CAMO
    L96A1 Ghillie
    M107CQ Air Force
    Anaconda Black 8-inch
    M-200 Ghillie
    SG556 CAMO
    M107CQ SE Ghillie
    Desert Eagle Gold

    New Recruit Packages

    Also, to help our new recruits get into the fight faster, we have improved the Recruit Packages. New accounts still get the same high powered weapons and gear just for creating a character but now they also receive valuable bonus passes that increase the amount of exp and/or gp earned. If you have friends that haven't started playing yet, now is the perfect time!

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