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    Combat Arms Complete Update Notes -- Belly of the Beast

    Attention, Soldiers,

    This is it. This is the break we’ve been waiting for. January’s game update is sending you into battle against our most dangerous enemy, the Nemexis corporation. Check out the “Belly of the Beast” to see what’s in store for you. Naturally we wouldn’t send you into battle without the best firepower we could find. That’s why we’ve approved a new NX weapon, a new GP weapon and a

    of deadly little goodies available in Bubba Ares’ Gun Emporium. If that’s not enough, you can always get yourself a MYST-Kilo and see if you can nab a new Epic Assault Rifle. There’s all kinds of awesome things to shoot and shoot at in the Belly of the Beast update!

    See what’s happening:

    New Fireteam Map: Nemexis HQ

    The battle for victory sends you into battle against many foes, but no one has dogged our footsteps more than the vicious Nemexis Corporation. Nemexis has committed atrocities beyond your worst nightmares, and their reign of terror must end. Enter Nemexis HQ and try to eradicate Nemexis once and for all!

    New Feature: Quick Start

    Create your own personal Are you a Fireteam junkie? Can’t get enough of Quarantine? Love Junk Flea? You’re going to love the new Combat Arms Quick Start feature. Quick Start lets you quickly find matches with just the click of a button.

    By selecting High, Low or None for Rank, KDR, EXP or GP rate, your search will give a priority for those servers. Want to avoid playing with the best? Select “Low” for Rank and your search will avoid Bravo! Want to max out your EXP? Select “High” for EXP Rate, and your search will go through Black

    and Bravo before even looking at Golf!

    Additionally, you can search for any map and game mode available in Combat Arms. Have a hankering for some Dark Forest Seize and Secure action? Your ideal

    is just one click away!

    Give it a whirl and let us know what you think. Quick Start will be improved over the coming months, so we want to know how to make it even more useful to you!

    New Abilities

    Taking on Nemexis is no easy feat. You’re going to need that extra edge, and R&D has come through with some powerful abilities to aid you in the fight! Only catch is, these abilities are too powerful to be stored in one Ability Slot, and you’re not getting these for

    , either. These Abilities can only be received by completing Daily Jobs, so get a move on!

    Parting Gift:
    With this ability equipped, you will drop a small grenade at your feet when you’re taken down. It’s not as powerful as the M67 Frag Grenade, but it’ll finish your foe off easily enough!

    Note: Requires two open ability slots to equip. Does not function in Quarantine Regen or any match where explosives are restricted.

    Spoils of War:
    Nothing wrong with a little plunder! Take any weapon that some foolhardy soldier has dropped and turn it into some quick GP. Be careful, though, you’re going to be a sitting duck when this is going on

    Note: 10 GP per weapon, can only be used 10 times per match. Requires two open ability slots to equip)
    Opportunist: Don’t like the gun your foe dropped, but you know he’s got something better stashed away?

    This Ability will open up a dead player’s backpack and drop one of the weapons stored there! You have 10 seconds to pick it up before it becomes fair game, so no time to dally!

    Note: Requires two open ability slots to equip.
    Death just got a lot cheaper. Having this ability equipped will decrease your respawn time, getting you back in the fight even faster!

    Note: Does not function in Elim Pro, Search and Destroy, Fireteam, Quarantine Regen or Last Man Standing. Requires three open ability alots to equip

    New Supply Crate


    The MYST-Kilo has just been authorized for release! This case is full of permanent and NX-rare weapons, including a brand new Epic – Deckland's F2000 Tactical
    For more details about the MYST-Kilo, take a look inside.

    New NX Weapon

    MK14 MOD 0

    The MK14 Mod 0 is an assault rifle based on the venerable M14. When the US Navy Seals needed a lighter and more compact version of the classic assault rifle, the result was this deadly beauty. The MK14 Mod 0 is made of lightweight aircraft alloy and is perfect for special operations and quick assault missions, but can operate in any combat scenario. Permanent only available for a limited time!

    New GP Weapon

    Tango 51

    The Tango 51 is a new tactical firing rifle designed from the ground up to emphasize bullet alignment and precision engineering. That means that it’s an incredibly accurate firearm suitable for any sniper’s needs.

    Bubba Ares’ Gun Emporium Updates

    Bubba Ares obviously never sleeps because there are all sorts of deadly goodies coming out of the Gun Emporium this month.

    New Forge Weapons


    The STG-44 is considered the first modern assault rifle and was first deployed in Germany in 1944. It filled in a defensive hole between the smaller submachine guns that didn’t have effective range and the larger machine guns that were too heavy to be effectively carried by more than one man in a squad.


    A German air-cooled machine gun first deployed in 1935 and widely considered one of the best of the early machine guns. It was one of the first dual-purpose guns that could be fed from a drum for single-person use or via a belt as an infantry support weapon.New Upgradable Weapons

    PSG-1 MOD CAMO Mark II

    Little things can mean a lot. Bubba installed a fast-action trigger and a high-speed scope that allows for a faster firing rate and faster targeting. Hold on to this beauty if Bubba lets you get your mitts on it!

    Bug Fixes and Other Changes

    • Galil ACE and ParaFAL are now the correct size in first person view.
    • Equipped Abilities are now visible while dead.
    • Fixed a clipping issue with the FAMAE S.A.F.
    • Compensation distributed to players that logged in for the Hot Shot 3 event but did not receive rewards.
    • Compensation distributed to players that purchased Black HiSec Keys during the HiSec Event but did not receive free keys.
    • Compensation distributed to players that purchased Supply Crate MYSTs during the Best of 2011 Sale but did not receive free Supply Crates.
    Known Issues

    • The Parting Gift ability erroneously warns that it is not functional in several game modes. It should only be non-functional in Quarantine Regen.
    • The rewards for Nemexis HQ do not appear correct in third person perspective.
    • The Relentless ability's description does not include that the ability functions in Hired Guns.
    • Selecting a Mode in Quick Start will prevent players from later selecting Any Mode. This can be reset by changing the "Server" setting in Quick Start.
    Combat Arms News -- Online FPS Action

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    This is good thanks bro !

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    Nice copy and paste._.. But I only like the relentless lol.

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    holy shit! Thats crazy! Lol

    What does Rank: High mean tho ?

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