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    Reverse Powerlvers needed!!! No nubs!

    Hi. Anyone wanna reverse lifetake with me. I need 3 people that are willing to QR powerlv. What we do when we reverse lifetake is simple and not bannable unless u are hacking. I need 3 people that can do allnighters and play a lot and are active. I dont have school next week so I wanna start reverse lifetaking. First, you need 4 people. Start QR and 2 people get infected. We also need one Vip hacker. This Vip hacker needs to use respawn hack only. (No Rapid fire or zombie hands) Then, the hacker gets infected and dies and auto respawns. Next, everyone gets infected and We start hitting the hacker. The hacker can also get infections by hitting the infected. 100-150 infections a game. Good exp and not bannable.

    Post ign or pm me. Im not a nub, im trying to reach col on my ltc.

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