(Nexon during a maintenance)
Employee 1: All right, time to start our scheduled maintenance. Let's give out SvS rewards to only specific players and leave the rest alone. I also want to start banning players again because I can.
Employee 2: I'll work on giving out the rewards, and you can do the uh... banning?
(three hours later)
Employee 2: So how's the banning go... What the hell? You banned over two thousand people in a matter of hours?
Employee 1: You look like someone who doesn't purchase much NX! (Lands the banhammer)
Employee 2: He had no history of breaking our ToS... why did you ban him?
Employee 1: Because I can. Okay, next... Oh look, you're a high level and you have played for years. You're also legit and you buy NX periodically. (Bans the player)
Employee 2: You know. You could get fired for this. This is abusing your powers as a Nexon employee...
Employee 1: Abusing my powers? This is how I got promoted to staff. You should follow my great example, and someday you'll be like me.
Employee 2: Yeah someday i'll end up an a** who has nothing else better to do with their life than troll your own customers in a video game. It's a great life indeed.
(Employee 2 walks out of the room)

And thus, thousands of legit and non legit accounts were banned after a maintenance...