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    I'm a little confused with this guy @Lazureth

    Quote Originally Posted by Lazureth View Post
    I have absolutely nothing against you helping people or being nice, but I find it weird and funny how you posted on nightmare's most recent hack and were talking down to a lot of people. Anyways, love the hack. Glad someone added a remotekill/telekill for fireteam.
    Sorry if I ever offended you , but I don't remember myself talking "low" to anyone in Nightmare released. Or is it because I said "probably they don't know what IP is" Well I said that because you guys was obviously downloading the hack and loading it to the game when it was detected ,then later you guys make a post saying "Nightmare" had ban my account. Plus I suggested you guys to stop making many many accounts because it will 50/50 be a IP banned . Yea yea you probably will say "So what I can call my server provider and ask for a IP change" Okay if you say so.

    *Not the right spot? well you may move it.

    Sorry to all the others if I really offended you .

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    1. You don't need to give permission for it to be moved; you have no control over that.
    2. Even though you do try to help people, the information you give is usually incorrect.
    3. It is not a 50/50 chance of getting I.P. banned; you get banned if Nexon detects a large amount of "suspicious" activity. You may get I.P. banned from s.urveys and making accounts, but that has nothing to do with hacks.
    4. You can't mention people in the thread title.

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