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    Exclamation Before you Download a hack!

    Hello everyone,
    In this thread I will show you the steps you should go true before you download a hack. Hacks are very good places to put Viruses because they can be distributed very easily with little effort.

    Step 1:

    Check the users stats, make sure that they don't have bad feedback or have less than 50 posts. Make sure their trustworthy, ask about previous work.

    Step 2:

    Check for a virus total scan, if there is not one ask the person who has released it to get one. (make sure its a real one)

    Step 3:

    Check other users comments, are they good or bad. Make sure they are trustworthy. You can never be to careful.

    Remember that a hack is a program that's used to change or emulate another program. So some hacks will come up as false positives, but most viruses that come up are real.

    If this is in the wrong section could you please move it
    Thanks for reading, I hope this helps.

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    1. All approved hacks are trustworthy as they have to be approved by staff before being available for download,
    2. All releases MUST have a screenshot and virus scan in order to be approved.

    We know what we're doing.

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