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    How combat arms patches their hacks and why it is hard to unpatch it

    This is how I think in my logic on how nexon patches the combat arms hacks.
    Been searching and poking around in the forums to get this and other sources?

    -List of Patched hacks-
    (That I know of)
    -Super EXP
    -Magic knife
    -God mode
    -Server Crasher (Also known as room crasher but some versions actually crash a whole server without many people in it)
    -Crash to desktop
    -Health Giver
    -SuperOPK (Kills everyone on the opposing team under a second)
    -Instant win
    -Instant flag capture
    -Instant Superspy
    -Weapon respawn
    -Real GM rank
    -Clan hack (Type in any random clan name even ones in use in a notepad linked with a loader then saving it)
    -Kdr hack
    -Infinite stamina (Not 100% sure about this)
    -Nx/Gp generators (Nearly impossible to make, you would needed to have worked in nexon to even have the knowledge on how to make one)
    -Combat arms Unbanners (Also the same explanation as a nx/gp generator)
    -Game Crasher (Currently patched after the 3.0 Update)
    -Crash on kick (Currently Patched after 3.0 update)

    That's all I can think of for now :3 I will add more and explanations later

    Explanations of how nexon patched these (Ill give as many as I can)

    How super EXP got patched - Simply Nexon made a limit of exp a player can make at the most in 24 hours. If the player gets higher than it then it sends a alert to nexon stating this problem.

    Magical Knife - I dun know );

    God Mode - Nexon created a new code so that who ever takes over the amount of damage a gun is given to kill in any certain range, it would send a alert to nexon.

    Server Crasher - Self explanatory :l was only around for a few weeks....

    Crash to desktop - This I do not know...

    LifeTanker - Works similar with God Mode

    Health Giver - Nexon gets alarmed when a player gets healed simultaneously without spec or health packs.

    Super Opk - Nexon gets alarmed when more then 6 people get killed under a second. This would be impossible because at the most you could only get a fantastic with a double barrel and you have a 0.000001% of geting that.

    LifeTaker - Well yeah no shit :l. YOu get instantly banned when you simutaniously spawn with zombie hands.. (A possible way to unpatch this is to do life taking with a sniper) but then again nexon might be using a amount of time it took you to kill a person... Small Bonus Tip : When Opking with anything make sure you stop and start playing legit when your name goes red, because nexon gets alerted and sends GM's straight into the room for proof to ban you.

    InstantWin - Nexon gets alerted when the match finishes under 1 minute unless if it was a forfeit.

    Instant Flag Capture - You get instantly banned when you capture a flag between 1-10 seconds interval between each flag.

    Instant spy - Similar way of instant flag

    Weapon respawn - Nexon patched this so you could not simultaneously get random guns unless it is from your inventory or a picked up gun.

    Real GM Rank - Nexon recoded the code for a GM badge

    Clan hack - Nexon made it so that it is impossible to have any words next to your IGN unless you were 1. Invited to a clan 2.Applied and get accepted in a clan 3. Make your own clan

    Kdr Hack - yeah... Obvious logic.

    Infinite Stamina - Not 100% sure if this is patched or not.

    Nx/Gp Generators - I explained explanations next to it already in brackets '()'
    Combat arms Unbanners - I explained explanations next to it already in brackets '()'

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    Nexon either changes their code or adds checks to see if any alterations or anything of the sort are being done.

    You have no idea what you're saying either. Cbf checking all of your reasons, but God mode was patched since Nexon added a check on the server for it.

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