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    So has this site slowed down to a crawl?

    Its been a loooooong time. How have you been? I've been really busy being dead. *last login 589 days ago*

    So there is my question. Apparently CA has not shut down entirely yet, and I was banned, then unbanned last time I went modding and hacking. So is it worth it for me to re download everything to start hacking again? I only really like doing it when I can cham super bullet and speed walk with a HMG and wipe teams while looking very legit. (The idea is I'm able to shoot though corners and walls while still looking legit without obviously chamming and being a complete asshole, just enough for the enemy team to rage and whine, while keeping my team happy and preventing kicks)

    It's not like it used to be, with 5-6 different releases out at a time. We currently have just 1 with a 4 week lag time behind the last one. Has nexon finally caught up and gotten enough anti hack measures out that its become much harder to recode hacks every time you all release new ones? Or has the community just got bored with all of it?

    I get it if the game has gotten absolutely boring and recoding hacks every 2 days because of constant updates gets overly tedious but is the game dead? Are the only rooms open now elite fags who insta kick if -anyone- cries hacks? I don't know how active this site is as a whole so I am very curious to see what you have to say about it. I mean honestly this game is super dated, I started getting into it like when I was still in highschool and that was like 6 years ago at this point. It's a relic, like FlyFF that is only still...going because its a fps with hardcore cashers that are so invested with multiple accounts and clan warfare shit they refuse to stop playing or find a new game.

    I don't even know if elite hack services are still running? I know sevral hacks I liked are "permapatched" so we can't have them unless a very skilled coder can make them. IE: Insta reload, etc"
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    Mhhh... you're lucky if you find an undetected chams working for more than 1 day

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    Chams, superbullets and speed hacks are still around and shouldn't be too hard to make.

    Detection rates are a lot higher though. They have stepped up their game, but still fail miserably.

    You can try and get back in it Rez mods are done for though. Only texture mods still work.
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