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    Quote Originally Posted by XXGWBushXX View Post
    it is not the same thing i dont see a menu on yours i dont see crossfire related links on yours i dont see your name on yours i dont see a link directly to the ca hacking forum and i dont see any sort of design on yours so sdfu
    Sorry kid but you need to go back to school and learn to spell.
    Also, how in the hell is CF better than CA? CA has way bigger maps, more weapons, and it doesn't lag as much! I mean sure CF has better action then CA but the lag makes it shit. So unless you can fix the lag on CF then shut your ass up. This is the CA section, not CF, if you want to talk about that then go to that section.
    Another thing, this isn't useful at all. People can just add MPGH links to their favorites or bookmark it on IE or Firefox. So obviously you fail, not to mention the whole CBL thing was taken from everyone else releasing CBL programs to check out people.

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    maybe it lags for your but it doesnt lag for em and theres less hackers and btw i dont realy see any spelling errors so sdfu and get a life cf is better then ca in some ways but ca is better then cf in other wasy so sdfu
    14 posts per thread per hour, even at 1 thread an hour in 5 hours, general trolling time, thats 70 posts, and seeing as i try to run it at about 3 threads at a time, then i can make 210 posts in a day which means in 10 days i could be back to where i am if i started a new account, lol so in theory in a month id have 6k posts, in 2 months id have 12k, in 3 months 18k, in 4 months id have 24k and i could have the highest post count on the forum

    14*3*5*10*3*4=highest post count on the forums in 4 months

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