Ok here is a small guide for all people who are sick of the Combat Arms music packed with CA and want to change it.

Dont flame meh pl0x. this is for people who dont know how.

1st: Go to wherever You installed CA. ex.(C:\Nexon\Combat Arms)

2nd: Once the CA folder is open go to the folder called "Game"

3rd: Go to the folder Called "BGM"

4th: You should see a bunch of mp3 files.

To Change The music the the following:

1st: Get a good mp3.

2nd: Rename the new mp3 to - UIBGM_LOOP. ( This is the Music that plays when u start and in the lobby)

3rd: Get another even more epic. (i suggest more adrenaline building, or faster paced) mp3 and change it to the following - WAITINGROOM_LOOP.

(it can be the same if you really want.)

4th. Replace the Shitty CA mp3s with your new, better ones.

though every patch you will have to do it again because nexon replaces the good mp3s with the old music again.

I have provided some epic soundtracks (FROM THE KOREAN CA) which is wayyy better so you can use these to test it out.

__________________________________________________ __________

Heres the virus scanssss:



(note for the file BGM_KOREA.rar scan its scan date was in august becuz virustotal kept on saying it was already scanned or something.)