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    Ca weapon guid


    originally posted by killa-noob and all credits go to him

    Here is a guide for weapons explaining , to read if you wanna learn more about weaponz~ , Its really long tho

    Wep = Weapon
    AR = Assault Rifle
    SR = Sniper Rifle
    SMG = Sub-machine gun
    MG = Machine Guns
    Shotty/SG/w/e I feel like = Shotgun
    Nades = Grenades/Support weps
    Armor = Armor
    LAW = LAW
    Knife = Melee weps


    For Spraying (automatic guns): Well, a good tip would be to increase your sensitivity. Also, when shooting, move around a little bit. It makes you harder to get hit, but you have to have a little bit of aim. Play some games, so you can develop your reflexes too. Also, when you get hit, look to where the arrow is, and jump and turn to that direction. If you're getting chased, go behind cover, and wait about 2 seconds. Then, jump out and start shooting, because more than half the time they'll follow you.

    For Sniping: Try to memorize the center of your screen. That way, you don't have to pre scope (scoping when no one's there) and risk getting back fired. The reason for this is because since there's no cross hairs, the middle of the screen will show an enemies name instead. That way, when you see their name, right click left click and you should hit them. Also, when an enemy is running, and they are a good distance away (I'm not sure exactly, but say maybe a fourth to a fifth of Snow Valley), shoot a few millimeters ahead (like 1-2), and they should run into the bullet, unless they stop. Also, sniping needs the fastest reflexes, because you have to be able to quick scope people sneaking behind you, and when you see another sniper.

    For Shotgunning: This is the hardest thing to do to get kills. This needs really good aim, and I only advise it when you can spray really well. A good tactic is to buy a light vest, and any other speed equip. ( Or just the Speedhack if you want ) Then, what you do is bunny hop (spam jump), and use good aim to shoot people. To headshot, aim for the neck, because then the shot should hit the head, unlike when you aim for the head, the shot spreads out and misses. If you want your shots to hit, aim for the chest, because it's the biggest area, and deals good damage. You also need to get up close, but not in your face, because then there's the see through people glitch.

    Weapons: For beginners get: 1. Any sprayer other than the AK47 (unless you silence the AK) or K2 (no exceptions to this one). 2. A USP or a shotgun will be a good secondary (USP kills in an average of 4-5 chest shots and a shotgun will kill 2 shots with ideal conditions and the right target area). 3. Knife for melee of course. 4. Standard M67 Frag Grenades because it's easiest to kill with (unless you camp, then get a heartbeat sensor so you know when people turn corners). 5. An SR25. Once you're better though, you can get any weapon you want. In terms of power and usefulness, the best sprayer would be the G36E (the recoils tough sometimes though. In terms of ease (not hard to control), the Scar, M4, or any SMG are good. In terms of cheapest gun (the gun that requires the least skill), the G36E wins again. The G36E has a scope with the same sight as a sniper rifle, so it can function as both. UMP's just as cheap as the G36E for it's own reasons. If you're an amazing sniper, get the L96A1. A beginner sniper should get the SR25 for the semi auto, quick fire rate, and great accuracy.


    M4: This AR has so little recoil, that it's the perfect gun for a beginner to hit. Notice I said hit and not kill. The power in this gun is definitely lacking to balance it out, but that doesn't ruin it. This is the only gun I've used (with a scope) where that when scoped, you can fire full auto for 4-6 bullets (that's a lot) and the bullets will hit in the red dot. This can substitute a sniper sometimes, because of this. It's also extremely light weight. If you can get CQB version, that's all the better. I would tend to classify the stats on this gun to be the midway of the AR and SMG, because of kinda low damage, kinda low recoil, and good fire rate.

    AK47: The strongest AR. This gun recently got a nerf, putting the recoil above the G36E. It's still a solid gun. The weight will however, put you down. It's a little bit heavier than other guns, but still it's ok. 3 shots in the upper torso will kill someone, which makes the power amazing. If single firing (tapping your mouse), this gun can be a semi auto sniper with it's great power. However, the recoil stops it from being better than the G36E in sniping or most other rifles. If you can get close to someone and have good aim and control recoil, then you can kill basically anyone.

    G36E: My favorite AR =). This is the cheapest gun ever. It requires the least skill because of A: Good fire rate. B: Amazing damage (second highest for AR). C: Built in sniper rifle scope (I mean sight wise). D: Lower recoil than the AK47. This gun also kills 3 bullets in the upper torso. It is lighter than the AK47, and has less recoil, making it easier to kill with. Scoped and single firing, you can take out snipers if you master the timing. Possibly the best gun to get kills with.

    MK Scar L: Look at M4. Add a little weight, more damage, and a little more recoil. That's why it's number 3 . Done (yeah, I didn't feel like writing much).

    Aug A1: Take the Scar and combine it with the G36. You get in between scar and G36 damage, the G36 scope, fire rate faster than the G36, and the recoil of the G36. It's basically the M4 or Scar, but stronger and more recoil. Only bullpup rifle in the game.

    AK74u: Look at the Scar, and add AK to the front. It's basically a Scar with more damage and more recoil. Not as damaging as the AK47 of course.

    M14: It features a 20 bullet magazine, slow rate of fire, high damage, high recoil, perfect accuracy, and costs a total of 1000 gp . Now, you may be thinking that this gun sucks. In fact, it does not suck all that much. This is basically a sniper, but you can go full auto or click faster than other semi auto snipers. The damage is the same as the AK basically, and the recoil too. The rate of fire is really slow, so CQC you're screwed. The 20 bullets go fast too. However, when you shoot with this gun, compared to other high recoil guns, the recoil bounces back very quickly. So if you scope, you can get off maybe 4-5 accurate shots a second. This gun I have gotten maybe 10 headshots in about 10 games today. That's pretty good, and it out snipes a lot of snipers. However, only buy if you have money, because buying a scope, which is basically mandatory makes this 1200 gp. Don't get a silencer because that's pointless, cause the recoil is perfect as it is. Extended magazines are optional, so the cost can increase even more. It's a good buy, if you can get it.

    Famas: What can I say. This gun's a beast ( For some ) . It can empty bullets out extremely fast, and the recoil is so non-existant. With good handling, this gun can fire full auto for about 8 shots scoped and have them hit. I love this gun so much, because it's extremely versatile and light. Also, the shots fired sound really cool .

    Common Tip: Add in a suppressor to help recoil (S1 helps a little). Add an extended magazine, but it is not needed (they kill in 2-3 bullets normally). Scope is optional, but on some guns it is basically required (get the ammo and health one if you want cause it looks cooler. The other one tells distance (if the number is red, you can't shoot it).


    MP5: Used to be the best SMG in Closed Beta. Has relatively low recoil, fast fire rate, and average damage (for an SMG). It's a great weapon for starters, because it is very beginner friendly (low recoil, fast fire rate, decent damage). Not much need for silencer, but could use extended ammo for those with bad aim.

    K1A: Used to be the strongest SMG. It has nice fire rate, pretty good damage, and decent recoil. Not hard to control, but this is the all around SMG. It's stats are in between with the extremities (Uzi/K7 and UMP). It's only hard to be really good with it, because it's not "great" in anything like the UMP or the Uzi/K7. I don't know about mods.

    Uzi: The fastest fire rate, lowest recoil, lowest damage SMG. What does this mean? This will make it rain on your opponents. If this gun could get a scope (can't use scopes on this one), I would honestly get it just to go full auto medium distance sniping. The recoil is basically non-existant. To use it to it's fullest, you need to be close, and have good aim. Definitely not that beginner friendly. Don't put a silencer, but put extended ammo.

    UMP: This is the gun you want if you can't get kills. You will destroy people (I've gotten Unbelievable + like 2 times, 10 Unbelievables or something, and like 15 Fantastic with this. You will make people cry (metaphorically and on the inside), and make them call you a hacker because you will be so good. The gun has beast damage (for an SMG) that is basically AR, has pretty nice fire rate (the bars are misleading), easy recoil (bars misleading again), and the lightness of an SMG. You will increase your KDR indefinitely with this gun. Get it if you want to get kills, and gain a little skill. No need for mods, but anything but a silencer will make the gun auto kill.
    As of recently, the recoil has been increased a little bit. Strategies may change, but I still have yet to get first hand experience of the new recoil they put in.

    K7: Look at the Uzi. Add in 250 more gp to purchase, and a free silencer that's equivalent to S3 (maybe S2 too). Also add in the ability to get a scope.

    Mac-10: Take the Uzi and add in the recoil of an AK. Fast fire rate and high recoil do not mix. The cross hairs will grow huge in about 2 seconds, and it makes it impossible to control. Most people end up putting silencers on their Mac-10s, but that just makes the recoil more than an Uzi with Uzi power. It looks the coolest though, so it gets some points for that.

    P90: This is the best SMG in the game ever ( Thats what i think, lol ) . It has a 50 bullet clip, and 2 clips meaning you can kill a lot of people (considering it takes around 4 hits to kill someone). It's light because it's an SMG and also pretty strong. The recoil is higher than most, but it's actually non-existent. The firing speed is really good putting it above the UMP. Not only that, but it has a built in CQC scope that is very nice. No recoil on that scope at all for a number of shots(if you can control it).

    Common Tip: Always add in an Extended Magazine, but never a silencer. That would make low damage even lower, which is bad. Also, scopes are ok if you want to medium distance full auto snipe. (No gun is marked pros only because they're all relatively easy to use).


    M24: The most accurate sniper rifle. Also one of the least commonly used. It is a non 1 hit kill bolt action sniper. This means that after you shoot, your enemy isn't dead, but you un zoom. To counter this, Nexon made this extremely accurate, and basically hit where your cross hair is no matter what. Sometimes it kills in 1 hit, but that is very unlikely. The hardest one to use just because if you want your enemy dead, you have to headshot them. Quickscoping or no scoping with this is pointless.

    SR-25: This is the all around sniper. It is a semi auto with the fastest rate of fire, accuracy second to the M24, and kills in 2 hits (weaker than MSG 90 though). The silencer is built in, making this weapon also cost effective as the silencer is S3 (I think ). It's basically spray and pray sniping. If you're just starting out sniping, this is perfect. You can keep firing until the opponent dies. Also, the accuracy makes it reliable in any map. It's potential is greatest when behind cover where only your head is exposed. This makes you a smaller target, with a good range of vision. Quickscoping is pointless, no scoping is almost pointless.

    MSG 90: The other all around sniper. It's semi auto with slower firing rate, accuracy lower than the SR-25, and kills in 2 hits (stronger than SR-25). It's not as easy as the SR-25, but it's still good. At long distance, the accuracy is unreliable, and you will notice the slower rate of fire easily. Because of the slower fire, it's not as good behind bunkers/cover because enemies can storm behind you. Again, quickscoping and no scoping is basically pointless.

    L96 A1: The best sniper in my opinion on CA ( You should take this one , lol ) . 1 hit kill, bolt action, and lowest accuracy. Once mastered, this gun is almost unstoppable, because the low accuracy won't matter as much. Also, enemies will have a hard time figuring out your position if the gun is silenced, because of the 1 hit kill. You can bring this CQC and kill sprayers. You can outsnipe any other one because this is the only 1 hit kill sniper. It's amazing at any distance no matter what, unless the enemy is behind cover. That's when the gun is unreliable, because no matter what, your shots will basically hit around the enemy. Headshots are basically all luck with this gun, cause the accuracy is that bad. However, quickscoping and no scoping is amazing. You will demolish sprayers, and destroy other snipers. You can rush with your team, and have no worries once quickscoping is mastered. Best sniper, and my favorite gun in the game.

    5- ( Last one , finally )

    Spas-12: The fastest firing, yet weakest shotgun ( But i don't like it ) . It's semi auto, but you can still hold down your mouse button to fire. It takes about 2-3 hits to kill with this shotgun, and requires good timing between shots. It's the spray and pray shotgun, like the SR-25 is the spray and pray sniper. Personally I hate this shotgun. When I just started out, I liked it because it was the newest one, and was easier. Now I just find it really bad. Easier for beginners.

    R870: The pump action shotgun with power 2nd to the M590. Although the fire rate is below the Spas-12, it's still pretty fast for a shotgun. You'll need accuracy though, because this isn't a 1 hit kill shotgun. It's also the hardest one to use, and is one of my favorites. Better to train beginners in shotgunning.

    M590 Military: The other pump action shotgun. This has the most power, and will kill in 1 hit. The fire rate is the slowest, but that doesn't matter if you kill the person in 1 hit. Cheapest shotgun, and you may get called a noob for using it. Best shotgun to raise scores and KDR.

    Double Barrel: This shotgun is pretty nice. It can fire in 2 modes ( ....... ) , one with a single shot and the other with 2 simultaneous shots. Also, the firing speed is pretty nice. This shotgun can be drawn out quickly, and is light, so it's a good finisher. Also, the damage is the same as the M590 so it's basically a beast. To balance this out though, the cross hairs are a little bigger (I think), there's 2 shells per and 12 shells in total, so don't expect to dominate. M590 is better, but this shotgun is better than the others for the main purpose of a secondary.

    Hope I helped you!

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