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    Tune-up utlities 2010 *FREE* Release

    Wow...I put as release, mod/minion please change to release and not request

    Using this deeply increases your computers' and combatarms performance in general.

    New features added:
    Maintain system
    Keep your PC in top shape: With only one click, you maintain your computer and provide more stability.

    Fix problems
    As easy as pie: Solve Windows problems quickly, easily, and reliably or restore deleted files.

    Increase performance

    Get the maximum from your PC and experience top speed for your work and games.

    NEW! Turbo Mode
    Disable unneeded processes and concentrate all the PC processing power on your active program!

    NEW! Live Optimization

    Accelerate the startup and response times of your programs — for optimal PC performance!


    First) download the trial version here: TuneUp America - Download
    Second)download the readme, which has the serial codes
    Third)activate it, enjoy

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