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    Thumbs up PEPSI's gun guide beginners-pro

    Hey guys its yo homeboy pepsi here giving you a Gun Guide for beginners~pro
    now before we start i first wanna ask if u can sticky this please thanks and there wont be every gun in the game they will be the good guns i suggest u use

    m4a1-Very good gun i would say i strongly suggest for beginners from trainee~master seargent 1 good recoil good damage for this gun 3/5 recoil 4/5damage perfect with a scope and supresser.

    ak47-Mostly for pros used very often with pros and i suggest u use this for master seargent~2lt highly damaged gun but alot of recoil i suggest u use a scope with no supresser it messes up this guns damage and this gun is very popular if u see greatfullded the best player in the game used this his whole gameplay of combat arms 4/5 recoil 5/5damage perfect gun.

    UMP-I use this gun very often this gun is for both pro and beginner and mid pro this gun is highly popular through out the whole ca gameplay including EUROPE i see this gun used very often with people from seargent~major and the gun is perfect with the good equipment how about a supresser and a scope would do the perfect match for this gun i recommend using this gun 4/5 recoil 4/5 damage.

    MP7-A new and already popular gun used highly with mid pros this is a really good gun alot of people say its really good with a itex reflex scope and extra bullets well this gun is pretty good i would say this should be for mid pros and pros 3/5 recoil 4/5 damage.

    pp 19-Perfect gun for pros mid pros and beginners all of them match this type of gun this is a very popular gun with high ratings of people using it and liking it i like it too i would say and it has perfect matches with a supresser and a scope highly recommend using this and on small maps it works best example:junk flea pump jack it works the best on those 2 3/5 recoil 4/5 damage i recommend using this gun.

    well guys thats the end im sorry i didnt add much those are the guns that i thought it was good and i didnt have much time anyways so later guys and dont forget to REP AND POSt AND THANK ur homeboy pepsi233 cya guys hope this helped

    I like Flengo <3.

    Mc565 isn't even good at ca men.

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    what about G36E?

    Quote Originally Posted by LunaScratch View Post
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    why would ne1 sticky this when stupmy has a bad ass guide up there?

    Good info tho...

    ^Thanks to RJ^

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