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    The completely fail guide to sniping!

    Theres a back button if you don't want to read it. Jeez.


    Lets talk about sniping. Sniping is good. Sniping is fun. Sniping is for people that can't use any other gun besides an accurate 1hitkiller. So, if you live in your mums basement eating Cheetos, LETS BEGIN.

    This is a guide for people that aren't so good at sniping, so if you don't like it, theres a back button up there somewhere.

    Power = the higher it is the stronger it is.
    Accuracy = the higher it is the more accurate it is.
    Weight = the higher it is, the heavier it is.
    Recoil = the higher it is, the better recoil it has. (Yeah, this is mainly intended for spraying semi autos.)

    Chapter 1: Guns
    Chapter 2: Sidearms and Explosives.
    Chapter 3: Equipment.
    Chapter 4: Strategies.
    Chapter 5: General Information and Tips
    Chapter 6: GP Guide to Sniping
    Chapter 7: Credits

    Chapter 1:Guns

    There are different sniper guns with advantages and disadvantages. First of all, let me warn you that even an L96 is bad in the untrained hands.
    If you can't use it, try another one.
    If you can't use a sniper, keep training with friends.

    There are FIVE main sniper rifles I will talk about. The ones that actually get used alot.

    Ah, yes, the one hit killer beauty. This gun is a one hit kill on any spot on the body(silenced too) and it generally works very well. Its good for noscopes/quickscopes. Many consider this a "pro" gun, but others consider it rigged. I think its pretty pro.
    First, its accuracy isen't dead on. At all. The bullet does this little curve halfway through the air and hits near the target. Which is bad, because if you don't have a supressor, it alerts any enemies nearby. Second, its a bolt-action. No explaination needed. And last of all, its PRETTY heavy.
    So power is 5/5, accuracy is 3/5, recoil is 3/5, weight is 4/5 and rate of fire is 2/5.
    CONCLUSION: A pretty easy gun to use, but hard to master.

    The swift SR25
    This gun is, well, a perfectionists weapon. By this I mean its good in every angle. I highly reccommend using this, but it has a bad reputation because of idiots using it. I consider this a "pro" gun.
    Its a 2hit kill, yes, but it takes out alot of their health and you can easily just shoot them again.
    Its accuracy is actually pretty good! This is where it sometimes has a bad reputation: Many newbs buy it and expect it to be deadon while spraying bullets. This will NOT work and you will alert the enemy of your position. Use the SR25 carefully, shoot slowly if possible, but quick enough to shoot them again. Its also pretty lightweight compared to other snipers. And one of its best points: ITS A SEMI AUTO, CHA-CHING!
    So power = 4/5, accuracy is 4/5, recoil is 4/5, weight is 3/5 and rate of fire is 4/5.
    CONCLUSION: Easy to handle, easy to learn, hard to master.

    The fugly M24
    This gun, I have found, is very hard to use and master. It has a very bad reputation and is currently the lowest level sniper you can use. This will be short.
    Its a 2kill, which you think sounds okay, but its a bloody bolt action. It reloads slow, but it has seriously DEAD ON aim. If you can aim for the head every shot, you'll have fun. This is a good weapon to finish things off too.
    Its heavy. Very. Very heavy.
    So power is 3/5, accuracy is 5/5, recoil is 5/5, weight is 5/5 and rate of fire is 0.00001/5.
    CONCLUSION: Not noob friendly. Trust me.

    The "meh" MSG-01
    This gun is totally "meh". "Meh" doesn't even describe it. Its avarage. It tries to fit in with the group but fails. SR25 is a better option, but I'll review it anyway.
    Its power is actually pretty good for a semi auto. Two quick hits and hes dead! It has a slightly better accuracy than an L96 (correct me if I'm wrong but thats what it seems to me..) and can be used for epic longrange sniping.
    Its rate of fire is slower than an SR25, but its more powerful so it compensates. Its heavier than an M24.
    So power is 3/5, accuracy is 3/5, recoil is 2.5/5, weight is 3.5/5 and rate of fire is 3.5/5.
    CONCLUSION: Not a hard gun to use, but neither an easy one or a good choice.

    The Dragunov
    This doesn't deserve a review. Its almost as meh as the MSG-01. But worse. Its rate of fire is slower, its power is a tiny bit better and it weighs tons.
    Its accuracy is crap too. Its a 2hit.
    The only good thing I can think of about this gun is that its a semi-auto.
    Power is 3/5, accuracy is 2.5/5, recoil is 2/5, weight is 4/5 and rate of fire is 3/5.
    CONCLUSION: Horrible MSG-01.

    That concludes the sniper rifles.


    I'm only going to list two personal favorites here, and you'll learn why soon.

    The Godly G36
    Its godly. Its amazing. It just oozes awesomeness. Its recoil is a bit bad, sure, but its accuracy is amazing, its power is slightly less than an AK, and it has a scope. Attached to it. Did I mention its awesome? Its firerate is also higher than an AK.

    The HAX UMP
    So many people call hacks on me when I use this gun. Its an SMG, and its awesome. It has a pretty low rate of fire for SMGs, but it packs a punch, and it has 5 more ammo than most 30 clips. Its recoil isen't that bad either, and its accuracy doesn't suffer much. If you really want, you can swap this for a P90.

    Chapter 2:Sidearms, Explosives

    And now we talk about our sidearms. Every sane sniper will have a sidearm. Explosives were put into this paragraph because first I was lazy and second it sort of fits.

    The Pistolz

    You know, I won't even bother reviewing this one. I use a USP, and its saved me heaps of times.
    The default pistol is usually what most snipers get for economical sake and its not that bad for what you use it for. You pick off a target that you shot and knows where you are. Simple.
    If you don't care about sidearms, keep the default or get a usp.
    If you are someone that must REALLY have a sidearm, I reccommend a USP or a Glock.
    CONCLUSION: It doesn't matter. Whichever pistol looks cool, it will do the job.


    This depends a bit on what you want to use them for. If you like nadespamming, get a gas grenade or keep the frag. If you're a person that doesn't like getting raped from behind, like me, get mines. Mines are good. Mines are great. Mines are godly. Lay one down just ahead of your camping spot to warn you. Lay another in a corner right after a door to your camping spot, and bang, dead. Another good "explosive" to use, is a heartbeat detector. Theres a person after you. You whip it out, scan once or twice(turn around slowly while looking at minimap) and take aim at the place they're going to pop out.
    But explosives don't matter. You don't need them.
    CONCLUSION: Don't bother if you don't care and are more alert, but if you're clumsy get mines.


    We're done with the sidearms, now lets talk about our equipment!

    Chapter 3:EQUIPMENT

    I have not much to say here, because theres not much point in equipment except good looks.

    LIGHT ARMOR, OR HEAVY ARMOR? What a tough choice for some of us. My personal favorite is light armor, it compensates for the slow movement of the snipers. Don't bother for heavy armor, because it makes you last 0.00000000000001 more milliseconds in a gunfight.
    CONCLUSION: Light armor ftw.

    Don't bother unless you want to be apparently protected from headshots..I have worn most types of hats that give headshot protection and noticed no difference at all. Cosmetic hats just cost alot.
    CONCLUSION: Don't bother unless you have GP growing somewhere in your backyard and your backyard is a GP plantation.

    I really wouldn't bother with this, it costs even more money and you get even glitchier hitboxes. Okay, sure, the advanced you can have 2 slots! Amazing! Hooray! Now, why would you want two slots? You already have your sniper,backup gun, pistols and explosives, but now you need ANOTHER backup gun? Not to mention it slows you down..
    CONCLUSION: Have a go, but you'll find out its not worth it.

    Glasses/Face gear

    THATS THE END OF THIS CHAPTER. Keep reading for strategies!


    Now you know what to wear, but what about how to actually use the items you have bought? I will take a few maps and give you a general idea of sniping spots. Feel free to think up your own and comment!

    Alpha: Walk out of spawn and go to your right. Go through the doorway where theres crates infront of it. Jump on those, jump on the shipment crates and snipe. Tip: Shoot the crates to be near inaccessible, or lay mines infront of it.
    2. Walk out of your spawn to your left and keep walking until you see the tunnel. You have two choices here. Go to your right and snipe through the shower to the point, or snipe from the tunnel. Tip: Look in the vents before climbing up, and if you snipe from the shower, beware for people hiding behind glass.

    Bravo: Walk to the left of your spawn and walk up to the bomb. Walk a bit south and crouch with your sniper out. Zoom in and you can see the enemies feet. This is a very good spot to snipe and many people usually can't see you. Tip: L96.
    2. Walk out of spawn to your left and climb the ladder. Walk down till you see a long, small gap in the warehouse. Crouch, snipe and repeat. Tip: You are easy to spot up here. You should only use this when theres someone down there creating a distraction.
    3. Walk out of spawn to the right and keep walking right till you see the columns. Go to the right wall till you have a clear view of the bridge. Snipe there. A good spot is also the window. Tip: The window is very easy to spot.

    Snow Valley
    Alpha: Walk out of spawn and go up on the hill. Hide behind the sandbags and shoot anything that comes within range. Tip: No fog works wonders.
    2. Walk out of spawn to your left and use the stairs to go up into the demolished building/bunker. Hide behind the L shaped wall and snipe onto the large tower. Tip: Lay mines down so you don't get ambushed.

    Bravo: Walk down the stairs at your spawn and keep going until you get to the control room area. Go left and you'll see crates upstairs facing a door. Hide behind these and snipe. Also works with the ones underneath. Tip: Its easy to see you, so be efficient.
    2. Walk out of spawn to your left and climb up onto the large tower. Climb up to the last level and put mines down on the ladder. Snipe the whole map from here. Tip: No fog works wonders, alert your team about the mines on the ladder and its pretty easy to see you.

    Junk Flea
    Alpha: Walk up the stairs to the right of your spawn and peek out of the door up there. Pretty good view and you should lay mines on the stairs for close encounters. Tip: If someone shoots you from underneath, retreat, throw a nade and wait for a bit. Your enemy will usually have died from either the grenade your your team.
    2. Walk to the right of your spawn through the ground floor door and walk behind the large "water tanks". Peek out a bit and snipe the people from there. Tip: Mines behind you and you'll need to take out your backup weapon frequently.

    Bravo: Walk upstairs to the right of your spawn and peek through the door. Snipe through there. Also, theres the covers of the main entrances you can walk on. Tip: Almost the same as Alpha upstairs, except you have more cover from attacks from underneath. Beware of nades.
    2. Walk out of your spawn and climb up onto the boardwalk. Go inside the container and lay mines behind you. Snipe anyone attempting to come in. Tip: This is a very good spot to snipe once you get used to it. Never try it on your first go and expect 5:1 k/ds.


    Chapter 5: Information and general tips.

    This is the last part of the guide. Here I will give you little tips and information that will help you on your way.

    First, a sniper is usually a support class. Thats right, SUPPORT. That means no rambo unless you have hacks. Or you are some descendant of Chuck Norris.

    On Gray Hammer, when you are on alpha, walk to the left of your spawn, past the fence and through the doorway. Theres a gap between the fence and the wall, but its big enough to shoot enemy snipers from across the map. It works beautifully, because they have a tiny space to shoot you from while you have a huge field of view.

    I keep saying "lay mines". Sorry if this irritates you, but this is my playstyle. And mines are very good for you, anyway.

    If you help people, some are likely to repay that favor.

    As a sniper, I still reccommend the G36 or the UMP, but if you have a very bad aim, I would go for a very high speed machinegun. Like an Uzi or a K7. MP5 works wonders too.

    If you are going to snipe, I assume most of you will camp. Now, camping is very boring. And by boring I mean EXTREMELY boring. While you camp, turn music on but keep it really low while playing, eat something, drink something, read a book, do something.

    This goes against what I said just before, but turn your game sound UP. SERIOUSLY. I am not joking when I say that if you do not hear a footstep from a ninja soldier thats going to knife you, you shouldn't be playing a sniper.

    If you want to be hardcore, like me, remove your backpack and use a pistol and sniper only. Very fun and challenging.

    For beginners, I suggest starting on maps like Warhead or Gray Hammer sniping, nothing like Snow Valley till you can get a beating and not cry.

    Chapter 6: GP Guide to Sniping

    Now, if you've read this far, you want to start sniping. But first, you must learn how to manage your GP. Now, if I buy an L96, a G36 and mines, lets calculate roughly. L96 = 1400 + G36 950 + Mine 200? So thats already 2.7k.
    Before you panic, there is a very simple way of starting your economy.
    I'm assuming you start at like 1k gp so please listen.

    Grab a gun you are good at, and get around 3k gp. One day gun should be fine. Now, this should take one to two days. I get around 3.5k a day on a good day and 2k on a very bad unlucky ihatemylife day.

    Now with your 3K, buy what you need.
    Rinse and repeat for one day until you can buy for 7 days. Now, if you spend 2k every day, thats 14k a week. So if you earn more until you can buy all your equipment for 7 days, just keep doing that until you get to 90 days every single time. This sounds like hardcore gaming when you get past 7 days, but its actually quite fun.

    Now you're on your way to becoming a good sniper.

    Chapter 7: Credits

    Me, for composing this guide.
    MPGH, for being there when I was a nub.
    Nexon, for being dumbasses and creating Combat Arms.
    You, for reading this guide.

    I GET.
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    i use the i hit sniper and i dont suck with other guns

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    I read a few sentences and got bored.. make it shorter please.
    Ownage Guide for All Guns!
    -NonScoped Weapons-
    Step 1: Grab Mouse
    Step 2: Left Click

    -Scoped Weapons-
    Step 1: Grab Mouse
    Step 2: Right Click
    Step 3: Left Click

    There you are now pro!

    "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. This is, I repeat, the best way of life to be found on the road the world has been taking. This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron."
    - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    Quote Originally Posted by why06 View Post
    Ownage Guide for All Guns!
    -NonScoped Weapons-
    Step 1: Grab Mouse
    Step 2: Left Click

    -Scoped Weapons-
    Step 1: Grab Mouse
    Step 2: Right Click
    Step 3: Left Click

    There you are now pro!

    You saved me didnt knew that

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    -Liz (she is so cool flaming)

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    Good guide.
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