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True story, I am moving east to live with my grandma to go to a community college out there. The only thing is like the OP I am very into law enforcement but they also have a ton of different IT routes you can go. Now ultimately I have been wanting to become a police officer for a very long time I am even training for it. But I am a huge fucking nerd who sits on a computer most of my free time, so would it not be maybe a bit more beneficial to do something I like? Because I know IT guys make a lot more than police officers that's for sure. But I am not sure if money is what I am after, what market do you think needs more people?
There are thousands of routes in the word "IT" you need to be more specific as to what you want. Law enforcement in General isn't seeing a huge increase (5-10% at most) whilst Computer type jobs will always be in demand as more and more startups are popping up, needing specific IT personale.