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    cod 5 multi - cant get it to work

    i have cracked version of cod 5 (aka WaW). i have all needed patches and also lan fix, profile fix, private client patch... i have tried everything and havent been able to make it work. first time i run it it works fine but second time it gets to ''retrieving acc info'' and crashes afterwards. thing is, that i don't even get to point where game should ask me if i want to create online acc, so i thought it must be the profile error thingy but after using fix and also manually setting profile (in appdata folder) it still crashed with same sh** on second launch. weird part - i once managed to get to the ''creating profile'' (where you simply click no) and after that game worked fine for me (for one day), until i got unexpected bsod and next time i tried launching game it got me error of not loading some stuff properly, solution - reinstall but afterwards i couldnt get to the profiles again (i think when it worked i simply changed key code but when i do it now it just doesnt work). i think i might be wrong in some steps or i have mixed up some steps though im pretty sure im doing it the right way i would really appreciate your help since im all out of ideas

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    Think you should post this in the COD sections

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