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    Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

    I have some privacy concerns as well as some praise to give to the new system.
    The new sleep system dubbed doze is definitely an improvement over the older system and there is quite a noticeable difference.
    As for privacy concerns, the new contextual aware google now implementation is worrying, it can identify things on the screen to save you time when searching, such as if you're too lazy to write the name of the person you're currently reading about but maybe want to know what, when and how of what you're reading. I wonder what limitations it has and if it should be considered a problem (Until third party ROMs come out).

    I'm also going to say I do enjoy the new more clarified permissions and when it uses it, such as telling you when an application wants to use the microphone, that way making the permissions more logical and why they might want to use whatever feature or permissions on your device.

    And I have a question I'd love if someone could shed some light on it:
    How does one convert a user app to a system app in the new version, I'm met with failure at every front.
    First off, I am rooted, and yes it works.

    The problem is, my app manager doesn't seem to be able to move it for me, even trying to move it manually doesn't seem to work as it wont let me create new folders to the directory, but it lets me remove items from there, and yes, I've changed the RW permissions.
    Other applications meets me with an error that there's not enough room for the action, "Write error: No space left on device" although I have just a few hours ago installing the system. Which leads me to believe that even though I've changed the permissions of my /system partition, it seems it still doesn't acknowledge that I've done so.

    So if someone could help me with converting a user app to a system app, that'd be just great.

    Anyone else tried the new version?

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    I'm pretty sure a custom rom could fix your privacy concerns.
    Give me bitcoin, I guess.. 1aoAPueWDGiTybBR82hLVaFc7y9oyTjgz

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