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    Never going to happen.
    The first issue is a state court ruling a US Government Department that it is unlawful.
    First off they can't deem it unlawful, only the Supreme Court can.
    There was already a post about this issue months ago, let us not forget that the FISA Act allows for the NSA to monitor and collect information from "foreign powers" and "agents of foreign powers" which does include Americans.
    It doesn't matter what some low state court finds unlawful.
    When it comes to privacy and the internet, it's a very vague field mainly because the fourth amendment doesn't always apply to this type of thing.
    This was why the proper clause was made, allowing things such as the Protection Act and the FISA Act to be made.

    My solution is if you have something to hide, keep it hidden. I doubt the NSA really cares what porn videos you were watching yesterday. The NSA does its job and I, for one don't care if it monitors me or not. I have nothing to hide from them.
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    Unless the people involved had their intellectual property violated, nothing will happen. Where's Kimba Wood when you need her?

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