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    Cool Fun things to do to stupid neighbors

    This little thread is everyone out there who is a next door neighbor who

    is, in your mind, the worlds biggest asshole. I have neighbors that fit

    into this catergory perfectly. You know the ones, stereo up louder than

    hell in the middle of the night, water their lawn during a drought, etc...

    Well take heart, because I have just the answer for such idiots.

    1) Next time they go away on vacation, or even for just the weekend, call

    the utility company, Ma Bell(or whoever the phone co is.), and the cable¨

    company. Using their name(obviously), tell them to shut off the

    respective utilities, since your are going on a trip for about a month.

    Most of the time, they wont ask for any other info except for phone

    number. If they ask for anything else, just hangup quickly and forget it¨

    as it isnt too easy to explain why you dont know your own social

    security number. If all works well(and it usually does), they will come

    home to a fridge full of bad food, plus no heat or air conditioning and

    cable tv and phone. Pretty nice, huh?

    2) If they leave on vacation, and you are a hacker/phreak/BBS'er, here is

    your chance for free phone calls to everywhere! Simply go into their

    yard and locate their phone box. Using your lineman's phone(or a regular¨

    phone with alligator clips instead of a modular plug), find the active

    phone line inside the box. Run a shit load of wire back to your house,

    thru your window, etc... Install a modular plug on your end and plug it

    into your modem. Now make all the long distance calls you want. Don't

    worry, those of your with a heart, the neighbor's wont get billed for

    the calls after they call Ma Bell and claim that they didnt make them.

    Most of the time they will let you of the hook.

    3) One night, after the neighborhood is asleep, sneak over into the

    target's yard. Proceed to turn on ONE faucet, so that water is gushing

    out all over the place. The value of this joke is that the target's

    water bill will be outrageous after about 3-4 nights of this, especially¨

    during drought season.

    4) If you have the asshole neighbor who has the stereo on LOUD at all hours

    and the police wont do shit(what else is new), here is the solution.

    Sneak into the yard, and find the breakerbox. If the stereo is up this

    loud, they wont hear you in the yard. Locate the switch that matches the

    room that the stereo is in. Or the closest to. Flip the switch and run

    like hell back to the house. Or if you are more daring, sit in the

    bushes oe something and watch them come out. Most of the time, it will

    take doing this 2-3 times before they turn down the stereo.But its worth¨

    it when you have to sleep.

    5) Do your neighbor's have a barking dog? If so, heres the solution.

    A) Call the pound repeatedly, using another neighbor's name and address,¨

    but your number. Call at least twice a night for about a week. The

    complaints will stack up, and the target's will most likely have to pay

    a healthy fine.

    B) Get a package of hot dogs and any kind of medicine that induces

    shitting, like Exlax(you will have to melt it down). Pour the secret

    agent shit inducing substance on the hot dogs, then toss them over the

    fence to the dog. If it is a small dog, I suggest throwing one at a time¨

    as little dogs don't eat as much as big dogs. Spot or Fido or whatever

    the hell his name is will be shitting EVERYWHERE for days. Loads of fun

    for the target.

    not responsilbe for what u do

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    Will try this ASAP Thanks!

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    That's so evil lol
    C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do, it blows away your whole leg.

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    You forgot about the good old parking on there lawn when they're out of town
    Tiocfaidh įr lį

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