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    Name: Tom
    Position/Section applying for: Gaming
    Rate your English skills (as a whole) on a 1-10 scale: 8
    Do you have any experience of being on a news / publications team, advanced or categorical inditing or cognate? If so, expound: (IE, AP Language or indited on a high school news team) Nope
    Are you able to meet a hebdomadal deadline where prospects are your responsibilities are consummated prior to news publication?: Affirmative, I always have time.
    Why do you believe you should be apart of the News Force?: Because I'm very active and popular around Mpgh. I'll dote to take place where people could reply on me more. And I've took Computer Intro afore, it's most about inditing news and stuff.

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    We have picked the new News Force Members.

    Globals News: @Dylan
    Tech News: @Flengo Jr. and @Black
    Music: @Logic
    Gaming News: @Democritus Jr.

    Will be sending a PM to those picked!

    To all that didn't get the position: Thanks to all who applied. We're regretful to inform you that we have rejected your recruitment application. If you keep posting and show more of what you have to offer, we'll definitely recognize it next time. If you have questions on why you were not picked, please send me a PM and I will give you some feedback.

    Thanks Everyone!!!
    @Flengo @Mayion @Hero @Boombox @Saboteur @arunforce
    Please close and unsticky.

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    Joined: 12-14-2013
    Donator: 1-16-2014 - 12-03-2015
    News Force (Gaming News): 10-17-2015 - 12-25-2015
    News Force (Technology News): 11-15-2015 - 12-03-2015
    News Force (Headlines): 11-27-2015 - 6-16-2016
    News Force (Head Editor): 11-27-2015 - 6-16-2016
    Premium: 12-03-2015 - ∞
    Middleman: 1-11-2016 - 6-10-2016
    Minecraft Minion: 2-28-2016 - 6-10-2016
    Marketplace Minion: 3-11-2016 - 6-10-2016
    News Force (Freelancer): 7-6-16 - ∞
    News Force (WTF News): 8-7-17 - ∞

    Rep and Thanks always appreciated!!!

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