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    Oh MPGH, where people go to ask questions and it ends up people having arguments over stupid things and don't contribute to the thread at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Gray View Post
    Just to make yourself feel better about yourself.
    oh because this argument hasn't been used hundreds of times by kids like you.

    how about this: you're the kind of kid on the internet that acts like the passive-aggressive twelve year old.
    literally. your attitude is the same as OC, the same as Sander, you say the same stupid shit in response to anything valid.

    k. i'm done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dab1996426 View Post
    Nope I support ChildPorn
    Quote Originally Posted by Dab1996426 View Post
    if you've ever worked in law enforcement or been around it then you'll know just how far the extents of nepotism and systemic corruption spreads
    Quote Originally Posted by Dab1996426 View Post
    Blacks are lesser humans hence why their 2nd amendment rights should be taken away from them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dab1996426 View Post
    What does a cop do when a suspect runs away? Awnser: Shoot them... especially if they're black.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dab1996426 View Post
    It's not bait retard
    Quote Originally Posted by Dab1996426 View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydra View Post
    Might be your ram... try switching ram and resetting Bios
    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
    Doesn't even power on, don't know if I have a crappy motherboard or what. But man I am getting extremely tired/irritated of doing this.
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    The amount of stupidity in this thread is beyond insane.

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