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    Liberals Find Out What Happens When You Open Your Home To Muslim Refugees

    I love 8Chan

    A white bleeding-heart leftist couple made headlines when they generously opened their home to a group of Muslim refugees allegedly fleeing devout Muslim militants. However, it didn’t take long for their liberal policies to backfire in a racist and ironic way — and it’s exactly the poetic justice we’ve been warning about all along.

    In July, the headline read “Meet the angels who opened their hearts and home to 143 lost strangers,” and the left was drooling over the couple who followed their socialist values to the letter. Andrew and Rae Wartnaby opened up their 50-acre farmland to over 100 Muslim refugees who were reportedly displaced during “xenophobic attacks,” according to News 24.

    However, after only a few months of graciously allowing the Muslim migrants to live for free on their property, the loving couple soon found that they would actually be the refugees. The Wartnabys were threatened with slaughter by the same people they were helping escape brutality.The New Observer reports that the good Samaritans’ tolerance was used by the refugees to chase them from their own farm, which has already been destroyed by the ungrateful migrants.

    Last week, the Muslims attacked the Wartnabys home in the wee hours of the morning and warned that they would kill Andrew if the pair didn’t leave the property. They claimed that the white couple was “not helping them to be relocated back home or to another country,” and that it was the pair’s responsibility to provide more money, passports, and transportation.

    The Muslim migrants cut down the fence, smashed the house’s windows, and broke down the doors to drive out the Wartnabys at 2 a.m. The dangerous refugees are still in control of the farm, and the couple remains in hiding, fearing for their lives from the very people they were selflessly helping.

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    Doesn't really matter. The mainstream Media won't publish stories like these front page because the journalists are all far left. Stories like these and other ironic stories like the girls protesting in favor of a world without borders that have been raped by refugees will never be seen by mainstream populace. I actually think even if they were no change would come of it regardless.

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