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I don't think you've read all the points made??? MM's resign no matter who it is way faster than other staff which is a bitch to find more trusted MM's again. (If you had read everything you wouldn't be asking this). Why is paid mm's a bad thing? I honestly think they should be paid because someone is giving their time and doing one of the hardest jobs on mpgh for free? Sounds pretty stupid when you say its a bad idea because on $100 trade which is being protected by a MM they don't deserve like $5 for doing it???

"When a payed MM service is there people will not use it since a lot of trades"
Good there wont be people requesting mm's like 1 minecraft alt for $0.10 and less people who like wasting time.

"sales are small and people don't have the money to pay the MM's"
Not true, if its a $5 trade and 7.5% rate and if you don't have $.40 to pay for the fees thats a fucking lie.

"And the free MM's is also the reason why MPGH is so good."
Too bad some dumb fucks canned it over for everyone else.
Exactly why I was suggesting a paid service, being an MM is not a joke, its a serious business but clearly he doesn't get it, hell I've never been a MM before but knowing people around here and reading this thread makes me think otherwise, even before this thread I knew its not easy..

I think there' should be some kind of paid system from people who use MM and they have to pay for MM some small amount of money depending how large the trade is, and as you said on your 2nd quote of his, I think same as you do, its like people want to use MM for free like scrubs.

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Never thought it would be possible to meet a person with downsyndrome and a brain concussion at the same time but oh well!
Ha ha ha ha, right you are on that point mate.