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    make mpgh great again

    make mpgh great again

    Trump is the best U.S. candidate.
    You cannot say he is racist.
    Under no circumstance is he racist.

    1. Building a wall to promote anti-illegal immigration is NOT racist, it's a security measure. Come in right, and you're completely welcome.

    2. A wall cannot be built from the SLAPS bill, it's not even legal.

    3. Muslim refugees being banned from the U.S is also not racist. They are not being targeted as a race (Muslims aren't even a race, Islam is a religion, they're Arabs.)

    4. Muslims being banned is not racist because it is a security measure. Muslim terrorist attacks are mainly pointed at the U.S and serve the biggest security threat to the United States. Muslim extremists have well over 90% of the civilian deathcount.

    5. Trump's "loan of a million" dollars thing may seem humorous, but let me ask you this, in a business perspective, would you be able to turn one million into several billion?

    6. Trump's bankruptcy on his 4 companies were a business move. He bought out previously owned businesses that were HEAVILY in debt, then filed bankruptcy when he bought them out as a strategic business move. The "bankruptcy" was not a failure, it was a success.

    Goodbye liberal faggots.

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    Nope I support ChildPorn
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    if you've ever worked in law enforcement or been around it then you'll know just how far the extents of nepotism and systemic corruption spreads
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    Blacks are lesser humans hence why their 2nd amendment rights should be taken away from them.
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    What does a cop do when a suspect runs away? Awnser: Shoot them... especially if they're black.
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    It's not bait retard
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    Might be your ram... try switching ram and resetting Bios
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    Doesn't even power on, don't know if I have a crappy motherboard or what. But man I am getting extremely tired/irritated of doing this.
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