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    So they took a loan from their grandson and put there house up as collateral and didn't pay. So they expect to be let out of there contract and obligation because he is related to them? Don't take out loans if you can't pay them back. It's no different then if you had taken a loan from a bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idiosyncratic View Post
    Okay you fucking cocksucker, how in any sort of fucking sense is the grandson in the right?
    The grandson promised to pay loans for the house, and went behind their back and sold the house without their knowledge, and yet your dumbass thinks the grandson is in the fucking right?

    I want this worthless unwanted fag banned @Dab1996426

    inb4 you're being too edgy well fuck Dab, he needs somebody to stomp his jaw on a curb
    You got serious problems kid. The grandson had the deed to the home right? The house was officially in his name as of the time he sold it. He was in the right if that's the case, and no court will ever find him guilty of anything because he did nothing wrong. Also good job using the term "promised" and not agreed, because if he agreed to a contract then he would be legally obligated to uphold his end of the bargain.

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