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Busing as in require schools to have both whites and blacks and all different races. My elementary school was 98% hispanic, I'm asian, I'm sure the only reason why I learned anything at all is because I was in the gifted and talented program and had a few good teachers. I see a few of those hispanics now loitering everywhere cursing and shouting stupid shit. The culture is the issue. Parents buy them all the xboxes ds ps4s all that shit, then complain and want welfare. How about invest tutoring in your child so they can have a fucking career thats not a truck driver or grocery seller.


If the majority of black parents that are think racism is the issue realize that education is the most important, 100% I fucking bet you that those kids won't be in the streets doing stupid shit but at home, studying and enjoying, maybe a playdate, having fun, playing basketball, anything but commit crimes then complain when their kids get shot by police for running away and resisting arrest.
I 100% bet you they will, just like you said, majority of "hispanics" in this case were wild savages despite a few caring about school. Especially within minority communities kids like you but are a different color are more likely to be dragged down by their environment, hens why there is so much crime in Chicago for example. Nobody ever stopped and addressed the issue, that this is the perspective those people have on the world.