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    Quote Originally Posted by Aborted View Post

    88.2% of people stopped by police believe that the officer acted properly.
    That doesn't even count the stops where the officer did in fact act properly, but was reported as improper.

    Actual improper stops are about <1%.
    Where do you get that from? State/city or federal statistic?

    I've only ever been stopped by the police in the ghetto, where they'll stop any white person driving around at night because there is virtually no white people within miles of the area, and I'm sure they have caught a lot of meth heads or crackheads this way. I had to go to work through the area and I got pulled over about 6 times or more within a year for literally no reason other than I was white. The only reason why they stopped pulling me over was because they all knew who I was and my car.

    Also there was a news header about a Black guy who was arrested 40 times but each time the charges were dropped because they were literally made up or just incredible. I believe he was the man who was shot in his own car for reaching for his wallet, and his GF recorded it but he died later on.
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